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Liberia Coffee: The English name for this coffee variety is coffee bean Liberia or Exelsa coffee, which already exudes the form of this coffee variety world. Biological characteristics of Liberica Coffee - Liberica coffee beans The usual trunk height is 2-5m (depending on the area of Quang Tri -  Liberica Coffee), the leaf blade is large and dark green, giving it the appearance of a Liberica Coffee tree, and the fruit and coffee bean are more giant. Arabica coffee is more expensive …
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Quang Tri Liberica Coffee: The Philippines, Malaysia, and a few West African countries produce Liberica Coffee Quang tri coffee, which has a distinct flavor and is only produced in tiny quantities. What is Vietnam liberica coffee, exactly? What are the features of this coffee's flavor? Let's find out right now in the article that follows! Liberica Coffee, also known products as cherry or Liberia coffee, is the third branch of coffee developed after Arabica and Robusta. It is scientifically known as Coffea Excelsa …