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Easy Vietnamese Egg Coffee Recipe In 3 Steps

Egg Coffee Recipe: I won't deny that the idea of putting a raw egg in my coffee initially didn't strike my fancy. However, after personally experiencing the unique taste of Hanoi-style Egg Coffee (ca phe trung), I find myself constantly applauding this rich, sweet, caffeinated delight. I'm thrilled to present this recipe for you to try today. What constitutes a Vietnamese Egg Coffee? A Vietnamese egg coffee, or cà phê trứng, is a unique blend of robust black coffee, egg yolks, and …
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How to make a delicious Egg-coffee recipe

How to make a delicious Egg-coffee recipe: The unique combination of the bitter taste of coffee and the rich taste of eggs will be a nutritious choice for your taste. Let's learn how to make egg coffee to enjoy on the cold days at the end of the year! Material: - 1 fresh chicken egg - 20g pure coffee powder - 3 teaspoons of solid sugar - Hot water How to do How to make a delicious Egg-coffee recipe: - Buy chicken eggs; separate the yolk and egg …