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Rosé Bourbon: The New Favorite of Specialty Coffees?

New Favorite of Specialty Coffees: It's no secret that the specialty coffee industry loves exciting new Arabica varieties. This is especially noticeable in competitions . At the 2023 World Barista Championship we saw two participants use Pink Bourbon. Interest in this variety, known for its light pink hue and complex flavor profile, has been growing for some time. Despite this, very little verified information is available about the origins of rosé Bourbon. Of course, that limits our understanding of this unique variety. Given that …
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Specialty Coffee Expo 2023: A Destination Not To Be Missed For Coffee Lovers

On Friday, April 21st, the Specialty Coffee Expo, a pivotal event in the global coffee industry, will commence in Portland, Oregon. Renowned as one of the industry's most significant gatherings, the annual expo attracts thousands, including roasters, producers, equipment manufacturers, baristas, and business owners. It offers a vital forum for coffee professionals to network, establish new relationships, and collaborate, thereby propelling the specialty coffee sector ahead. Continue reading to discover more about the highlights, key events, and activities scheduled for this …
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AC1 Coffee Variety: Breakthrough In The Coffee Industry With Naturally Low Caffeine Content

AC1 coffee variety: In recent years, there has been a noticeable surge in interest surrounding naturally low-caffeine coffee varieties. Laurina and Aamosa are among the varieties gaining prominence, finding their way into high-end coffee shops and auctions, and even securing victory in the 2018 World Brewers Cup. Specialty coffee enthusiasts are increasingly recognizing the quality potential inherent in these varieties, fueling a gradual yet steady growth in the market for high-quality low-caffeine coffee. Another naturally low-caffeine variety making waves is AC1, initially …
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How to Store Green Coffee Beans in Bulk

How to Store Green Coffee Beans in Bulk: Preserving the quality and freshness of your green coffee beans is of paramount importance, regardless of whether you're a coffee roaster, distributor, or simply a connoisseur of coffee. Ensuring proper storage is essential for maintaining the intricate flavors and aromas unique to unroasted coffee beans. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the optimal practices for storing your green coffee beans, ensuring they retain their distinctive characteristics and quality. Selecting the ideal containers When …
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What Flavor Does Ethiopian Coffee Have?

What Flavor Does Ethiopian Coffee Have? Ethiopian coffee is the legend of the coffee village. Why has that reputation? Ethiopia is the origin the birthplace of coffee. Ethiopia is a land revered for its famous coffee beans. Ethiopia’s reputation is not only because it is the cradle of coffee but also because it produces the best coffee globally. Some information about Ethiopian coffee ( Ethiopia – The origin of coffee Back in the period around 850 AD. This is the milestone where a nomad goat …