How to make a delicious Egg-coffee recipe

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How to make a delicious Egg-coffee recipe: The unique combination of the bitter taste of coffee and the rich taste of eggs will be a nutritious choice for your taste. Let’s learn how to make egg coffee to enjoy on the cold days at the end of the year!


– 1 fresh chicken egg

– 20g pure coffee powder

– 3 teaspoons of solid sugar

– Hot water

How to do

How to make a delicious Egg-coffee recipe:

– Buy chicken eggs; separate the yolk and egg white into two different cups. Beat the yolks first: add a few drops of honey, beat with an electric mixer until fluffy, with a cake-like aroma.

– Eggbeater wash, beat egg whites, add a little sugar, and a few drops of honey and then beat thoroughly until the egg whites are fluffy and have a characteristic aroma.

– Hot black coffee (machine-made coffee will taste better because the temperature when making the filter is higher), pour into a cup containing three tablespoons of condensed milk inside, immediately spray the whipped yolk, and take the egg white on top.

– Depending on the user, you can stir to drink or drink in layers to enjoy each portion. Avoid going too carefully, it will cause the coffee layer below to cool quickly, and the eggs will be fishy and challenging to drink.

How to make a delicious Egg-coffee recipe

Decoration: You can use a tree to draw beautiful patterns on top or sprinkle more cocoa powder on top

Note: The hotter the egg coffee, the better the egg coffee. Keep warm with hot water in the cup, and then put the egg coffee cup inside.

How to present egg coffee

You have a drink with the smooth taste of eggs mixed with the typical aroma of coffee to sip on a chilly day in just a split second.

The slight bitterness of coffee will blend perfectly with the greasy smell of chicken eggs that will make you fall in love! Egg coffee is currently a favorite drink of everyone, especially young people.

Egg coffee is easy to drink and very nutritious for health. Sipping a cup of egg coffee after a working day is fantastic.

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