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Guide To Buying Coffee Seeds

Coffee seeds must go through a rigorous selection process so that the bean has all the necessary properties and gives rise to a highly productive plant with desirable characteristics for the producer and the market.  In general terms, the seeds are the first step for an investment of approximately 20 years in which the crop will be producing coffee and will represent important income for the coffee grower; However, obtaining suitable seeds is not an easy task in many producing countries and this can …
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Technology For Growing Coffee Seeds

Technology for growing coffee seeds, there are two methods: growing seeds on beds to produce oyster leaves and then planting them in pots or planting seeds directly in pots . These two incubation methods have their own advantages and limitations. If we grow seeds on oyster leaves and then put them in pots, we can choose seedlings with good roots, but the limitation is that it takes time to transplant them into pots, and when first transplanted, it takes nearly a week for the new …