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Coffee Roasting Process And BasicsCoffee Processing

Coffee Roasting Process And Basics

Coffee Roasting Process And Basics: The process of roasting coffee, in some ways, often reminds us of hypocrisy. Although the first Ethiopians burned coffee hundreds of years ago, there is a microscopic scientific description of the roasting process. Therefore, most roasters learn this technique from experienced roasters who have gone before. But often, young roasters learn from trial and error, roasting and tasting from countless different batches of coffee, thereby building their system of reasoning and experience. Let's know about …
Chemical Changes During Coffee RoastingRoasting

Chemical Changes During Coffee Roasting

Chemical Changes During Coffee Roasting: Hundreds of chemical reactions occur when the coffee beans go through the roaster's heat, with some molecules breaking down, others denatured into other compounds, and countless new combinations produced. This, plus a series of physical changes, will form in the coffee bean's unique flavors. So let's learn about Chemical changes during coffee roasting with Helena. Every reaction involving coffee in a roaster is called pyrolysis in chemistry. When organic material reaches the decomposition temperature, it undergoes …