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Bourbon Coffee – Why Call It FruityCoffee Shop

Bourbon Coffee – Why Call It Fruity

Bourbon coffee - Surely those who are interested in coffee know the Arabica variety. However, when it comes to Bourbon coffee, few people know it. Bourbon is one of the varieties of Arabica with characteristic aromatic flavors. So what is the origin of this coffee, what are the characteristics of the plant, and how is it processed? Let’s find out together! The Origin of Bourbon Coffee Bourbon coffee trees were first discovered on an island of Madagascar called Reunion (now known as Bourbon …
Arabica Bourbon Coffee And How Is It Grown In VietnamCoffee Daily News

Arabica Bourbon Coffee And How Is It Grown In Vietnam?

Arabica Bourbon Coffee  And How Is It Grown In Vietnam? The Arabica Bourbon variety is one of the most well-known in the world. It is well-known for a variety of reasons, one of which is the high quality and after-roast flavor of Arabica bourbon. Furthermore, this is the world’s oldest coffee variety; people use this variety to make a parent, resulting in many contemporary coffee types. Arabica Bourbon coffee’s origin - Bourbon coffee beans Bourbon coffee's origin is a type of Arabica coffee. …
Bourbon Coffee Origin & Biological Characteristics Of Bourbon CoffeeCoffee Beans Essentials

Bourbon Coffee: Origin & Biological Characteristics Of Bourbon Coffee

Bourbon Coffee – Origin & Biological Characteristics: Bourbon is one genetically essential C. arabica coffee variety worldwide. Along with its brother Typica, most other coffees have been bred. The high-quality correlation of these two varieties has served as a measure of quality throughout the history of the coffee industry. But some mutations have given Bourbon coffee a 20-30% higher yield than the Typica brothers. The following infographic will show the main characteristics of the Bourbon Coffee variety. Because of its high …