Bourbon Coffee – Why Call It Fruity

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Bourbon Coffee – Why Call It Fruity
Bourbon coffee – Surely those who are interested in coffee know the Arabica variety. However, when it comes to Bourbon coffee, few people know it.
Bourbon is one of the varieties of Arabica with characteristic aromatic flavors. So what is the origin of this coffee, what are the characteristics of the plant, and how is it processed? Let’s find out together!

The Origin of Bourbon Coffee

Bourbon coffee trees were first discovered on an island of Madagascar called Reunion (now known as Bourbon Island). After that, it became trendy because of its slightly acidic taste mixed with wine and sweet taste. In the 16th century, Bourbon was grown in southwestern Ethiopia and the Boba Plateau of Sudan.

It was not until the 19th century that French missionaries brought this plant across Africa and successfully planted it. Today, this type of coffee is grown very popularly in Brazil, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and even Vietnam. recipe 

Bourbon coffee was first introduced into Vietnam by the French in 1875. It was grown a lot in the northern provinces in the early stages, but because of the unreasonable climatic conditions, it did not give the best taste.

Then, when it was brought to the high mountains in the Central Highlands, Bourbon developed. At that time, Bourbon was considered a noble coffee because it was costly; only the rich dared to enjoy it.

Characteristics of Bourbon coffee plants

Bourbon also has the erratic characteristics of Arabica coffee trees. Mature trees have a standard height of 4 to 6 meters; some trees are up to 15 meters tall. Bourbon’s branches are pretty long, with symmetrical leaves.

The leaves of this type of coffee are usually oval-shaped, pointed at the top; the leaves are curled and soft, so they often droop. The typical leaf length is 7 to 20cm; the width is 4-6cm.

The tree’s bark is relatively thin, pale gray, and cracked. The roots are usually extensive in the center and deep into the ground.

The fruit is relatively small but heavy and round, so the yield of this variety is not as high as some other varieties of Arabica.

Bourbon coffee trees are well adapted to areas with altitudes from 1000-2000m above sea level, with lots of rain and high humidity all year round. This is unintentionally an excellent condition for plants to grow in the Central Highlands of our country because the geographical and climatic conditions are entirely compatible.

The Bourbon variety is grown quite a lot in Dak Lak, Dak Nong, and Lam Dong. Da Lat is famous for high-quality Bourbon products and has the most characteristic flavor. No other place can find a taste like Bourbon Dalat.

What does Bourbon coffee taste like?

Among the varieties of Arabica coffee, Bourbon is one of the highest quality. This quality comes from strict climatic and geographical conditions special care to produce the best coffee beans.

The beans of Bourbon coffee are pretty small and round compared to other varieties, but the high density inside the bean makes it heavier than it looks. The original Bourbon-like coffee beans will have a slight acid smell mixed with a bit of wine taste, very fragrant and slightly bitter when taken in, but then feel the sweetness.

The caffeine content in Bourbon beans is 1.3% similar to other Arabica varieties. This is a moderate amount, neither too high nor too low, making up this coffee variety’s characteristic flavor.

Bourbon coffee can be enjoyed on its own, 100% pure or mixed with other types of coffee, both delicious and retaining its characteristic flavor. However, to drink a perfect cup of coffee, people often choose to mix with some other varieties to make the taste more perfect.

Journey to become a good cup of coffee

Once matured, Bourbon’s seeds are carefully harvested. Only ripe seeds are picked without too much green content because it will affect the taste of coffee.

It is then aged for one month at standard temperature and humidity conditions for fermentation. This is the primary process to create the characteristic fruit flavor of Bourbon. If the fermentation process is correct, the smell of coffee will have a bit of herbal taste, a little bit of bitterness, a little bit of sour is lovely.

After the fermentation process, coffee beans will be dried according to technical standards to achieve moisture and quality.

To use Bourbon coffee, people must roast it until it has a burning smell, then grind it into a powder. It can be pure or mixed with some additives during the roasting process to make the coffee denser.

How to enjoy Bourbon coffee beans properly

After roasting, coffee can be processed for use. There are two common ways to make coffee: pour-over and filter.

For the Pour-over method

Colombia pink bourbon

The primary tool is a reasonably simple paper filter. Place the coffee on top of the filter, cook with hot water, and pour over the coffee surface to extract the essence of the Bourbon coffee flavor. This is a traditional way of brewing and depends a lot on the brewer’s experience.

For the filter method

Commonly, Bourbon powder and water will be mixed with a ratio of 1:75, which means that 10g of coffee will have 175ml of water. In a regular coffee filter, about 25 to 40g will give a better cup of coffee.

Put pure, clean coffee into the filter and press after to make the powder tight, then pour a little hot water to infuse inside gradually. Then start adding water.

Note that the water coming out of the coffee filter must be in the form of a drop by drop; if the water flows too fast, it must be pressed more to make the powder inside more tight.

Bourbon coffee is part of the best Arabica coffee in the world. With its characteristics of growing conditions and aroma, Bourbon is always the choice of coffee enthusiasts. Try the concoction and feel what a real Bourbon will taste like!

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