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Learn About Arabica Cau Dat CoffeeArabica

Learn About Arabica Cau Dat Coffee

Learn About Arabica Cau Dat Coffee. In contrast, the Catimor coffee variety, developed in Portugal in 1959, is a caturra and Timor.Cau Dat varieties You may not know that the land of Cau Dat – Da lat, where a height of 1,500m, is naturally favored to grow rare Arabica Da Lat Cau Dat coffee varieties. Currently, there are two main types of coffee in the coffee market, cau that specialty and Robusta. Arabica Cau Dat is more appreciated because it has a …
Cau Dat Coffee Origin The Best Resources of Arabica In VietnamVietnam Coffee Plantation Area

Cau Dat Coffee Origin: The Best Resources of Arabica In Vietnam

Cau Dat Coffee Origin: Vietnam is a famous country for growing and exporting Robusta, the second largest producer in the world after Brazil (Vietnam - 1.78 million tons compared to Brazil's 3.36 million tons in 2016 data). Meanwhile, Arabica, which is considered the best quality coffee in the world (compared to Robusta), the Vietnamese name is barely known. However, few people know that in Vietnam there is still a place located in the highlands, which is known as the paradise …