Learn About Arabica Cau Dat Coffee

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Learn About Arabica Cau Dat Coffee
Learn About Arabica Cau Dat Coffee. In contrast, the Catimor coffee variety, developed in Portugal in 1959, is a caturra and Timor.
Cau Dat varieties

You may not know that the land of Cau Dat – Da lat, where a height of 1,500m, is naturally favored to grow rare Arabica Da Lat Cau Dat coffee varieties. Currently, there are two main types of coffee in the coffee market, cau that specialty and Robusta.

Arabica Cau Dat is more appreciated because it has a delicious taste. Let Helena learn about Arabica Coffee Bridge Earth.

Arabica Cau Dat coffee

Coffee arabica was brought to Vietnam by the French in the 1930s. Lam Dong province with localities such as Di Linh, Bao Loc, Đơn Duong, and the outskirts of Da Lat.

Especially the beans arabica cau area is considered the Arabica Cau Dat, that specialty coffee green paradise of Vietnam with a “gold index” 1,500 m high, an extraordinary temperate climate all year round, and the maximum temperature in the year does not exceed 330C; the temperature 50C.

It is the highest quality Arabica coffee-producing region in the country. The higher the terrain, the colder the gas, and the better the world arabica Cau Dat beans produce.

Learn about Arabica Cau Dat coffee

Arabica coffee lines include Bourbon, Typica, Mocha (Moka), and Catimor. Bourbon, Typica, and Mocha are the oldest coffees globally, but these three are challenging to grow and susceptible to pests.

In contrast, the Catimor coffee variety, developed in Portugal in 1959, is a caturra and Timor (a hybrid of robusta coffee with knowledge about Arabica). This type is easier to grow, highly productive, and resistant to pests.

Arabica Cau Dat has a sour taste mixed with a mild bitterness, light brown water, and transparent amber. The scent of Arabica is ethereal and noble.

Arabica Cau, Dat smell

This smells of syrup fruit, blends with honey, and toast, the smell of the straw field at noon summer. Arabica Cau Dat varieties conquer most culinary connoisseurs in the world.

Arabica coffee is the main ingredient of coffee companies, the most famous coffee brands globally.

Learn about Arabica Cau Dat coffee

But unfortunately, due to not having enough information and awareness about high-end coffee, most Vietnamese do not think coffee tastes sour. Many Vietnamese people also believe that coffee is only bitter, not acidic.

The sour taste mixed with bitterness and the ecstatic, elegant aroma of Arabica coffee Cau Dat is a precious gift for stylish coffee. This unique taste awakens the intense passion of all humankind drinking coffee.

Preserve arabica Cau Dat

Preserve arabica Cau Dat: Store in a cool, dry place to keep them for a long time.


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