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What Is Moka Coffee Beans? – History, Origin, Characteristics Of Moka Coffee

What Is Moka Coffee beans? Arabica and Robusta coffee are familiar to everyone. However, when it comes to Moka beans, many of you may not know this coffee. It is not because of that that this coffee variety is not attractive or delicious. On the contrary, Moka bean coffee is considered the Queen of Coffee. Only coffee enthusiasts understand the actual value of Moka. In Vietnam, the production of Moka coffee beans is still limited, not enough to meet the needs …

Moka Coffee Bean: Things you never know before

Moka Coffee Bean:  Moka coffee is today's best purebred Arabica coffee bean in Vietnam. Unmistakably deep and durable flavor has created a famous reputation for this coffee variety. However, not all market coffees bearing the Moka Coffee label are real Moka. Join Helena to learn more about what is Moka coffee beans. Characteristics of Moka coffee benefits! What is Moka Coffee Bean? Moka coffee bean, also known as Mocha, is the name given to the city of Mocha. Moka coffee bean was brought …