Moka Coffee Bean: Things you never know before

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Moka Coffee Bean:  Moka coffee is today’s best purebred Arabica coffee bean in Vietnam. Unmistakably deep and durable flavor has created a famous reputation for this coffee variety. However, not all market coffees bearing the Moka Coffee label are real Moka. Join Helena to learn more about what is Moka coffee beans. Characteristics of Moka coffee benefits!

What is Moka Coffee Bean?

Moka coffee bean, also known as Mocha, is the name given to the city of Mocha. Moka coffee bean was brought to Vietnam by the French around the 19th century and belonged to the Arabica coffee variety, so it has all the characteristics such as a sour taste and attractive aroma. This is a prevalent coffee variety in Vietnam and around the world.

Moka coffee bean does not have any characteristic shape like other coffee varieties. Coffee beans are smaller than usual, quite hard, color is not fixed, and greenish-yellow or light yellow. In some coffee products, Moka beans also show that the size of the beans is not similar.

Moka Coffee Bean: Things you never know before - Helena Coffee
Moka Coffee Bean: Things you never know before

The beans are large, the beans are small, the beans are round, and the sources are distorted. However, if you’ve ever tasted Moka, you’ll recognize the distinctive aroma, a thick mouthful of coffee that is hard to compare with purebred coffee.

Unlike other types of coffee, when harvesting Moka coffee, people only remove the unripe or damaged beans. The rest will take all the large and small round and distorted beans. Because of the simplicity of size, the appearance of Moka beads does not affect the quality.

Highlights of Moka Coffee Bean

Typical sour taste

The most recognizable point when enjoying Moka coffee bean is the unique sour taste of Arabica that is unmistakable. Instead of the faint scent of jackfruit-like Cherry coffee, Moka’s aroma is the rich, attractive, and original taste of coffee when swallowed and inhaled deeply through the nose.

Moka Coffee Bean Things you never know before
Moka Coffee Bean Things you never know before

In addition, the sour taste of Moka does not carry a Cherry aftertaste; very light, giving the drinker a feeling of comfort, not harsh, not pale.

People often mistake the sour taste of Moka coffee beans because it has many impurities or is mixed with cheap coffee to increase profits. However, this bad taste is a unique characteristic. The sour bar is not spoiled, with acrid tongue.

Each sip of coffee, flavored with a bit of tartness, is bitter at the tip of the language and gradually becomes sweeter later; when swallowing, the feeling of fullness in the palate, the aftertaste is still there. The more connoisseurs of the taste of coffee cups, the more you will realize the unique class of the Moka coffee line and understand why it is so precious.

Luxurious fragrance

What is the reason for the popularity of Moka coffee beans? Besides the mildly sour taste, users also appreciate the Moka coffee bean‘s luxurious and elegant aroma. Yes, belonging to the Arabica genus, the Moka coffee bean is fragrant but very gentle and attractive.

It can be said that although Robusta has a strong bitter taste suitable for people with solid coffee tastes, it does not have a delicate aroma like Moka. Both the scent and the excellent taste are why Moka coffee is so popular.

What should I pay attention to when buying Moka coffee beans?

Many for-profit establishments either mix various impurities into Moka beans products or do not use Moka coffee with a high market price. Poor quality Moka bean products with horrible taste are often combined with grains, starch, or other substances. And unfortunately, there are quite a few consumers who cannot distinguish which is pure Moka coffee bean.

Therefore, when buying Moka coffee beans, you first need to choose reputable places or know well about the origin and the seller. In addition, it is necessary to avoid the habit of buying cheap goods to avoid losing money.

Moka Coffee Bean Things you never know before - Helena Coffee
Moka Coffee Bean Things you never know before

Typically, the Moka bean has a light output, so the price cannot fall in the price range of 120,000 VND/kg – 240,000 VND/kg (Vietnam Dong). By choosing science, you buy good quality products and protect your health.

In short, with the information that Helena Coffee Vietnam has just provided, indeed readers have grasped what Moka coffee beans are and their features. I hope the article helps you have more exciting knowledge about coffee.

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