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Why Espresso Is So Popular In ItalyCoffee Daily News

Why Espresso Is So Popular In Italy: Italy’s Romance with Espresso

Why Espresso Is So Popular In Italy: Italy's relationship with espresso is unparalleled, with the country's bond to this potent brew being as robust as the drink itself. Espresso is not just a popular choice; it's a fundamental part of Italian culture, coming in second only to water in terms of national consumption. Espresso's significance in Italy transcends its status as a beverage—it's an emblem of Italian heritage. This is reflected in the efforts of Italy’s Ministry of Agricultural, Food, and …
Espresso Italiano – Standard Italian EspressoCoffee Shop

Espresso Italiano – Standard Italian Espresso

Espresso Italiano – Standard Italian Espresso: In 1998, the Italian National Espresso Institute (INEI) was established to sensory-evaluate a cup of “Italian Espresso” (Espresso Italiano) and determine the requirements for it to be made, according to INEI: Water under 9 bar pressure must be pushed through a 7-gram portion of finely ground coffee to ensure that it takes 25 seconds to deliver 25 ml of extract (including crema) into an elliptical 50ml white porcelain cup with a vapor bubble rises in …