Espresso Italiano – Standard Italian Espresso

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Espresso Italiano – Standard Italian Espresso

Espresso Italiano – Standard Italian Espresso: In 1998, the Italian National Espresso Institute (INEI) was established to sensory-evaluate a cup of “Italian Espresso” (Espresso Italiano) and determine the requirements for it to be made, according to INEI:

Water under 9 bar pressure must be pushed through a 7-gram portion of finely ground coffee to ensure that it takes 25 seconds to deliver 25 ml of extract (including crema) into an elliptical 50ml white porcelain cup with a vapor bubble rises in the center where the extract is poured. The water temperature in the coffee compartment should be 88°C, while the temperature in the cup should be 67°C. The extract needs to have a viscosity of less than 1.5 mPa at 45°C, contain more than 2 mg/ml of fat and less than 100 mg of caffeine – in order to achieve the certain flavor required by INEI.

These parameters have been included in the product certificates of the Italian government – ​​not to mention the detailed sensory evaluations of Espresso flavors that the country sets out.

Feelings Espresso Italiano

Visually, Espresso Italiano has a light brown to dark brown foam with a very smooth texture (no foam too large and (or) too small. The coffee has a strong aroma with floral, fruity, and bread aromas.

Baking and chocolate All sensations are felt in the aftertaste seconds after swallowing the coffee, sometimes even minutes. Equally, neither is more dominant. No, or almost invisible, astringent flavor.


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