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Differences Between Instant Coffee And Ground Coffee: 5 Key To Uncovering Incredible Truth

Depending on where you live, the debate between instant coffee and ground coffee might be something you've never considered. In the USA, freshly brewed coffee is the beverage of choice for most, whereas in Eastern Europe, the UK, and parts of Asia, instant coffee dominates the market. This article aims to outline the significant differences between instant coffee and ground coffee, helping you understand their best uses and how to make the most of each type. The Basics: Instant Coffee vs Ground …
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How to prevent clumping when grinding coffee

Prevent clumping when grinding coffee: Preparing high-quality espresso requires accounting for numerous variables - dose, yield, extraction time, grind size, tamping, distribution, and more. However, even considering all these factors, if your shots still don't taste quite right, the issue could be clumping. Coffee clumps can form for various reasons and lead to channeling, negatively affecting extraction. To get the best results from your coffee, it's essential to reduce clumping as much as possible. To understand how clumping happens and how to …