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Danish Researchers Develop Specialized Water For Making Coffee – But How Valuable Is It?

Specialized water for making coffee: Ask any barista - water is everything. Up to 98% of coffee, it directs flavor. So "designer" coffee waters proliferate, each touting taste tweaks. Latest is DesignerWater - a Danish brainchild promising optimized minerality. But do we need such solutions? As a coffee water expert, I have doubts. Beyond basic filtration, perceived value decreases. Once you perfect water fundamentals, marginal gains become questionable, especially for casual drinkers. While promising for enthusiasts, for most fans the difference …
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Water Specifically For Coffee Brewing

Water specifically for coffee brewing: Water is the lifeblood of great coffee - ask any barista or café owner. It accounts for nearly all a cup's volume, profoundly shaping flavor. So specialty "coffee waters" designed to extract maximum taste make sense. But with so many tailored brewing waters saturating the market, are they still enhancing the cup or just capitalizing on hype? The latest is DesignerWater - a Danish collaboration between coffee pros like Espresso House founder Kenneth Luciani and the …