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Coffee Plant Care and Growing TechniquesArabica

Coffee Plant Care and Growing Techniques

Coffee Plant Care and Growing Techniques: Coffee plants originate from the forests of Africa, on the Kaffa plateau of Ethiopia (at an altitude of 1370-1830 m). Since then, coffee plants were discovered by humans and migrated to other continents. In Vietnam, coffee trees were brought by French priests to grow as ornamental plants in 1857. Since 1930, coffee trees began to be grown into plantations to exploit the beans. Since then, the area, productivity, and output of coffee in our country have continuously …
Caring for coffeeCoffee & Environment

Caring For Coffee At The Beginning Of The Rainy Season

Caring for coffee at the beginning of the rainy season: Experiencing the long dry heat wave of the Central Highlands dry season. Entering the rainy season is also the time when coffee berries begin to rapidly increase in size, accompanied by rapid growth of buds, so taking care of nutritional supplements for coffee trees at the beginning of the rainy season is very important. contributes to providing adequate nutrients and creating a healthy growing branch framework for the next crops. According …
The Phenomenon Of Fruit Loss On Coffee TreesCoffee & Environment

The Phenomenon Of Fruit Loss On Coffee Trees

The Phenomenon Of Fruit Loss On Coffee Trees: After the flower has been pollinated, the coffee fruit forms and develops quite quickly. However, after 1 year of bearing the fruit, the coffee tree has stored a large amount of nutrients in the fruit and seeds. Harvesting fruit also means removing a large amount of organic matter and nutrients from the tree, causing the tree to become depleted, so when entering the new crop, the amount of nutrients to feed the …
Symbiosis of trees and fungi on coffeeCoffee Cupping Guide

Symbiosis of trees and fungi on coffee

Symbiosis of trees and fungi on coffee: Coffee growers face numerous challenges - climatic issues, lack of financing, low productivity, rising costs. For many, increased effort, hours, or capital alone cannot achieve efficient production. Success requires understanding your environment and adapting tools to maximize results. The symbiotic relationship between mushrooms and coffee trees exemplifies this adaptability. However, producers must properly facilitate this symbiosis to reap the benefits. To learn more about optimizing this relationship, I spoke with two coffee farmers who shared …
Coffee History

History Of Coffee Trees

History Of Coffee Trees: The early origins of coffee drinking are tightly connected with the history of coffee’s world conquest. Still, for this essay, we’ll merely focus on account of its beginnings and expansion.History of coffee cultivation; how it arose from a bush, seeds, or berries, and when it crossed the oceans to take control of each continent. Helena will teach you about the history of coffee origin myth trees. Starting from the Muslim world Research by William H. Ukers in All …