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Do You Know Enough About These Different Coffee Origins?Ogirin

Do You Know Enough About These Different Coffee Origins?

Do You Know Enough About These Different Coffee Origins? Did you know that around 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year? This figure is staggering, and it’s no wonder that coffee is the world’s most widely traded agricultural commodity. Today, coffee is something to be appreciated, savoured, experimented with and loved. However, not all coffee tastes the same. Gone are the days when you walk into a good cafe and ask for a plain old coffee. With the third …
Coffee Origins: Papua New GuineaOgirin

Coffee Origins: Papua New Guinea

Coffee Origins: Papua New Guinea: Many people mistakenly link Papua New Guinean coffees with Indonesian coffees, although this is incorrect. When it comes to coffee, Papua New Guinea is rightfully unique, and the eastern side of the country has little in common with neighboring Papua. This article will focus on introducing the coffee origins of Papua New Guinea. The Coffee History of Coffee Origins: Papua New Guinea On the island, coffee cultivation has a short history. Despite the fact that coffee was …
Coffee Origins EthiopiaOgirin

Coffee Origins: Ethiopia

Coffee Origins: Ethiopia - Ethiopia is possibly the most intriguing of all the coffee-producing countries. Its allure arises not only from the extraordinary coffees it produces but also from the mystique that surrounds so much of it. Ethiopian coffees, with their explosively aromatic and fruity flavors, have opened many a coffee professional's eyes to the variety of flavors that coffee can have. [caption id="attachment_36341" align="aligncenter" width="1350"] Coffee Origins: Ethiopia[/caption] Although Ethiopia is known as the origin of coffee, there are numerous caveats to …