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Selling Of Coffee: Better Understand The Buying And Selling Patterns Among Coffee Manufacturers

Selling Of Coffee: Buying coffee from other coffee growers and then selling it as your own is a common practice in producing countries ; However, just because it is common does not guarantee that it is carried out in the most ethical and transparent manner.  Although in the past this type of buying and selling of coffee was permissible and little questionable, today it is a polarizing practice that has its detractors and defenders. How positive or negative it is for the value chain will …
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Shaping Competition In Coffee Roasting Industry: Suggestions For Manufacturers

In coffee roasting: The current dynamics of the coffee value chain typically result in coffee growers primarily earning income from the sale of green beans. However, the majority of value is added in consuming countries, where coffee is roasted, packaged, and sold. Consequently, only a small percentage, usually between 5-10%, of the profits generated make their way back to the producers. This has led to a growing interest among coffee growers in roasting at the source. However, this endeavor requires substantial …
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How Long Does It Take To Transition To Organic Coffee Production?

How Long Does It Take To Transition To Organic Coffee Production?: The decision to start producing coffee organically is not usually taken lightly or without taking stock of the cost-benefit it can bring to a farm. Abandoning traditional production, that is, production that uses agrochemicals to ensure its yield, can drastically affect profitability if it is not carried out through a sustainable strategy. Using the environment to your advantage, reusing resources and optimizing the production of coffee trees can mean that this …
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Coffee Growers: They Don’t Laugh That Much!

Coffee Growers: They Don’t Laugh That Much!: Let’s do a simple experiment before reading this article. Try to Google the image and search for the word “Coffee Farmer” to see what happens. Unexpectedly, in just 0.67 seconds, 136 million results appeared. And 99% of those images are the bright smile of the farmer next to his coffee garden. But the truth is: They Don’t Laugh That Much! Coffee farmers are extremely hard. But sadly, few people know about their struggles in making coffee beans. Images are still images. …