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The Final Price Of A Cup Of CoffeeCoffee Daily News

The Final Price Of A Cup Of Coffee: What Percentage Do Producers Actually Receive?

The final price of a cup of coffee: For more than a year, coffee prices have not stopped increasing. The first sign that prices would rise was a sudden freeze that affected some of Brazil's main coffee-producing regions in late July 2021. Since then, prices have remained above US$2.00.  Despite the increase in prices, small producers, in general, do not get more money for their coffee, which leaves them in a delicate economic situation. As roasters and coffee shops are also starting to raise their prices , …
Symbiosis of trees and fungi on coffeeCoffee Cupping Guide

Symbiosis of trees and fungi on coffee

Symbiosis of trees and fungi on coffee: Coffee growers face numerous challenges - climatic issues, lack of financing, low productivity, rising costs. For many, increased effort, hours, or capital alone cannot achieve efficient production. Success requires understanding your environment and adapting tools to maximize results. The symbiotic relationship between mushrooms and coffee trees exemplifies this adaptability. However, producers must properly facilitate this symbiosis to reap the benefits. To learn more about optimizing this relationship, I spoke with two coffee farmers who shared …