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Coffee Processing

Honey process coffee: Weet sells method

Honey process coffee: Weet sells method -  The semi-wet coffee processing method, also known as the Honey method, originated in Costa Rica because of its effectiveness in improving coffee quality. This method is widely applied in Central American countries and presents a solid foundation. The word "honey" refers to the coffee processing method and is sometimes misleading. No honey ingredients are used in all stages of the process. With the semi-wet pre-processing method, the harvested coffee cherries are removed from the skin and part …
Instant Coffee Revolution Definition and Benefits of Instant CoffeeCoffee Processing

Instant Coffee Revolution: Definition and Benefits of Instant Coffee

Definition and Benefits of Instant Coffee: Instant coffee is growing well in Asia, showing that consumer demand for this product has excellent potential. With outstanding advantages of convenience, multi-industry application, ease of use, and reasonable price, instant coffee quickly becomes a favorite choice, especially in the modern consumer trend. Definition of Instant Coffee Instant coffee in English is called soluble coffee or instant coffee (or use instant coffee usually), which can easily be soluble in water quickly and quickly. Coffee dissolves soon in water because, during the …