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Where Are Vietnamese Coffee Beans Come From?

Do you know what year the coffee tree was discovered and which country was the first to find the coffee tree? The chemical composition of coffee? Types of coffee – classification of coffee – how many types of coffee. This is the question of many people who are learning about coffee. Let’s see the history of the formation and development of the coffee tree (origin). In what year did coffee trees appear in Vietnam (introduced to Vietnam)? Join Helena coffee …
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Top 5 Best Types Of Vietnamese Coffee Beans

The top Vietnamese Beans: Like many other countries in the world, coffee is a very popular drink in Vietnam. Not only that, but our country is also the place with the largest coffee export volume in the world, ranking second after Brazil. According to research on coffee, Vietnam's coffee export market has increased steadily in recent years, accounting for about 15% of the total export turnover of agricultural products.  Top five types of Vietnamese coffee beans. Helena Coffee, who shares your …