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Robusta Fully Washed: Robusta coffee has become one of the popular drinks chosen by many "connoisseurs". So Robusta Coffee? What outstanding characteristics does this type of coffee have? Let's find out the information below. WHAT IS ROBUSTA COFFEE Robusta coffee, also known as robusta coffee, has a characteristic bitter taste. This type of coffee was first discovered in the 1800s in Congo-Belgium. Then, gradually this coffee variety developed and was introduced to Southeast Asian countries around 1900. Until now, Robusta Coffee has …
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What is Robusta Fully Washed?

Robusta Fully Washed – The machine opened the jar during the peeling process; only ripe fruits may remove the outer shell; therefore, all goods are 100 percent ripe fruit. Furthermore, the evaporation process is slow because the coffee is sun-dried by hand, and the original flavor is kept. It is no exaggeration to call this a world-class ROBUSTA product. What is Fully Washed Robusta Coffee? Robusta Wash is a high-quality Robusta coffee that has been picked and processed using the complete washed fermentation …