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Kenyan Coffee Guide: Facts And Best Tips For Buying

Kenyan coffee is highly esteemed by connoisseurs for its robust body and intricate, complex flavors. This acclaim isn't coincidental. Kenyan farmers have numerous advantages at their disposal, ranging from optimal growing conditions to comprehensive research and trade strategies, all contributing to the consistent supply of premium Kenyan coffee beans. Let's explore further into the intricacies of Kenyan coffee production and its rich culture to understand what establishes this nation as one of the premier coffee-producing regions worldwide. Contemporary Overview of Kenyan Coffee …
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New Insights Into Acidity And Sourness In Coffee

Acidity And Sourness In Coffee: Acid is recognized as a major contributor to the sensory experience of coffee, and coffee experts appreciate this flavor and adjust their roasts accordingly. If you have ever cupped with some connoisseurs, you may have heard some comments such as: “ This coffee exhibits a distinctly sour taste of malic acid when hot, which gives way to citric acid when hot. it's cold… ” Some of us, may even be familiar with the taste of some of the organic …
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What Flavor Does Kenyan Coffee Have?

What Flavor Does Kenyan Coffee Have? In Kenya, tea is more popular than coffee. Coffee was previously only sparsely grown on farms. The coffee industry was formed during the British colonial period and since then has contributed significantly to the country's economy. Kenyan coffee is known for its rich flavor and distinctive acidity, similar to wine. The scent is delightful. The distinctly bright flavors of fruit and berries make this coffee so popular. Some information about Kenyan coffee Overview history Kenya today is …
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Overview Of Kenyan Coffee From Africa

Overview Of Kenyan Coffee From Africa: Kenya contains the most exciting and complex things in the history of conquering the world of coffee. Although sharing a border with  Ethiopia The cradle of all coffee varieties, it took nearly 300 years after coffee was widely traded worldwide for coffee to be present in Kenya. The coffee varieties brought to Kenya traveled around the globe before they found their way back to the African continent. Initially, coffee was produced on large estates under British …