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How To Steam Milk At Home With Or Without A Wand

How To Steam Milk: Congratulations on achieving the perfect espresso shot! Now, the next milestone in your barista journey awaits: mastering the art of steaming milk. With this skill, you can recreate the specialty lattes and cappuccinos you love from your favorite coffee shop or unleash your creativity to craft unique frothy espresso concoctions! Let's be honest; mastering the milk steaming technique requires practice. However, it's likely more manageable than you imagine, especially with the help of this step-by-step milk steaming …
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Principles Of Steam Milk

While Espresso is the heart of a cappuccino or latte, which doesn't account for more than a third of the volume, milk and milk foam make up the rest of the cup. However, most baristas have a lot of understanding of the coffee extraction process, but there is not much similar information about how to steam the milk properly – In addition to all kinds of suggestions, internet instructions from people who have never even poured a real latte. As a …