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Bitterness is often characterized by unpleasantness; if coffee is available on its own or in large quantities, so be it. But when combined with other flavor elements, such as sweetness and acidity, bitterness can add body and complexity to coffee. Bitterness also balances out perceived acidity, which makes it an essential ingredient for a well-balanced cup of coffee. Several factors contribute to the bitter taste of coffee, some of which include: Quinic acid, trigonelline, alkaloids, caffeine, carbon dioxide, etc. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2102"] …
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Flavor – Taste

Flavor – Taste? Flavor - Taste is the entire impression of food; the flavor is a mixture of taste (taste), smell (aroma), and mouthfeel, according to technical definition ( mouthfeel ). In Vietnamese, the flavor is loosely translated as flavor, taste as taste, and fragrance as scent, although this interpretation frequently fails to illustrate the distinction between the three aspects and the relationship between them. To put it another way, Flavor = Aroma + Taste + Mouthfeel. The sensory language used to …