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Specialty Coffee Supplier: Vietnam’s Premier Specialty Coffee Supplier for Exceptional Wholesale Beans

Specialty Coffee Supplier: Helena Coffee, a premier supplier of specialty coffee in Vietnam, has made a name for itself by offering exceptional wholesale beans to its clients. With a solid commitment to quality and sustainability, Helena Coffee works closely with local farmers and producers to ensure the highest standards are met throughout the coffee production process. By building direct relationships with farmers and investing in sustainable practices, Helena Coffee ensures that each coffee bean is carefully grown, handpicked, and processed to …
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What is Fine Robusta? Facts Everyone Should Know

What is Fine Robusta? - Is a Robusta coffee graded to ” Fine ” by R Grader. R Grader is certified by CQI. The process of grading green and roasted coffee beans through cupping according to CQI & SCA standards. “Fine,” not simply as good or better. What is Fine Robusta? For Arabica coffee to be called “Specialty grade coffee”, a lot of coffee needs to be graded by Q grader through 1. assessing the quality of green coffee, and 2. through cupping according to SCA’s standards and rules. Coffee with 80 points or more is …