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Coffee Price Forecast In 2023: Coffee sets new records in the 2022-2023 crop

Coffee Price Forecast In 2023 - By the end of September, Vietnam's coffee export turnover had reached more than 3 billion USD, an increase of 37% compared to the same period last year and equivalent to the figure for the whole year 2021. Currently, coffee growers are growing. About to enter the 2022-2023 harvest with a relatively high price compared to previous years. Set A New Record In The Market Coffee Price Vietnam's coffee exports grew strongly in the first nine months of this …

Export & Import Coffee From Vietnam By EVFTA Is About 0% Of Taxes – Helena JSC

Export & Import Coffee From Vietnam under EVFTA about 0% tax - Helena JSC: Coffee has decreased in the past few years in stores around the world, an optimistic signal about the improvement of coffee exports in 2021. According to the General Department of Customs, in 2020, the whole country exports 1.57 million tons of coffee, with a turnover of 2.74 billion USD, with an average price of 1,751.2 USD / ton, down 5.6% in volume, down 4.5% in the book. …