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Has The Elaboration Of Specialty Coffee Tasting Notes Become Excessive?

Specialty Coffee Tasting: More than 800 volatile aromatic compounds have been identified in coffee, opening up endless possibilities in terms of flavor and texture. In 2017, World Coffee Research published the second edition of its Sensory Lexicon, which identifies 110 flavor, aroma and texture properties in coffee . They range from some traditional tasting notes, such as chocolate and brown sugar, to less conventional flavors, such as pineapple and fermented flavor. Tasting notes play an important role in specialty coffee tasting. Not only do …
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Coffee Cupping Basics For Everyone From SCA’s Basic Cupping Coffee Guides

Coffee Cupping Basics For Everyone From SCA's Basic Cupping Coffee Guides: Coffee Cupping, or Coffee Tasting, is tasting Coffee to assess its quality of Coffee. This is a professional practice by expert tasters "Q Graders" or anyone as long as you understand basic cupping techniques and have a love of discovering coffee flavors. This article will give you the basics of Cupping. Because each individual evaluates the tasting process, the coffee cupping basics process must follow a standard system with many factors, from …