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Common Coffee Processing MethodsCoffee Processing

Common Coffee Processing Methods

Common Coffee Processing Methods: A good cup of coffee is derived from systematic, standard processes and unique recipes. In particular, preliminary process coffee processing is also an important stage because it directly affects the quality and taste of coffee users will enjoy. Helena introduces you to today's most popular and commonly used Coffee processing method. Today’s popular coffee processing methods Honey processed coffee Natural processed coffee After being harvested, each coffee fruit will carry its mission, and its path to reach consumers. …
What Causes The Acidity Of Coffee Explain In Detail The Acidity Of CoffeeCoffee Beans Essentials

What Causes The Acidity Of Coffee? Explain In Detail The Coffee Acidity

What Causes The Acidity Of Coffee? When acidity is mentioned in the taste of coffee, it's often misunderstood. It's as if you were biting into a slice of lemon with a sour, sharp, sharp, and relatively unpleasant sensation. But in the context of coffee, " acidity " is often a desirable characteristic. With a well-balanced coffee, the acidity feels like you're biting into an apple.  So, let's learn together with Helena Coffee Vietnam about what causes the acidity of coffee originates. Coffee Acidity properties Many factors affect …