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Experience The Cultural Diversity Of Coffee Growing In Colombia, Part 2

Coffee Growing: Colombia's diverse geography, dedication to Arabica coffee production, adherence to traditional farming practices, and a rich tapestry of regional varieties have solidified its status as a leading coffee producer on the global stage. Recent figures from the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC) highlight that in 2022, Colombia's coffee production sustained impressive levels, exceeding 11.1 million bags, with exports surging to 13.1 million bags. Coffee not only plays a pivotal economic role in Colombia but is predominantly cultivated on …

Coffee Growing Techniques: The Role Of Soil In Coffee Planting

Coffee Growing Techniques: In addition to what plants get from the air and water (carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen), Nutrients are obtained through the soil. Soil and its nutrients can be region-specific, varying with local geology and parent material. So, depending on the location of a plantation in the world, the land management will be different. It can be a microregion-specific science, and some agronomists recommend analyzing soil and leaf tissues several times a year to ensure quality and correct nutrition. [caption …