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Which Types Of Coffee Capsules Are The Most Popular?

Coffee capsules have become significantly popular in the global market. Straits Research forecasts the coffee capsule and pod industry to reach a valuation of US $50 billion by the decade's end. This growth trajectory began with Nespresso's introduction to the European market in the late 1980s and has been on an upward trend since. Statista's research highlights that single-serve brewing systems, like Keurig, ranked as the second most favored brewing method in US households as of 2020, with expectations of …
A Beginner's Guide To Coffee Flavour ProfilesIntroduction to coffee

A Beginner’s Guide To Coffee Flavour Profiles

A Beginner's Guide To Coffee Flavour Profiles: Coffee is a constant. Coffee flavour is always specific to the land where it grows and grows. But coffee is also a variable. Based on living conditions, subjective characteristics and the hearts of people interacting around, the taste of the coffee will change and vary. The deeper the feeling, the more layers of flavour of coffee can be seen. Each coffee variety has its unique colour that is perceived by taste, smell and …