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Bourbon Coffee Origin & Biological Characteristics Of Bourbon CoffeeCoffee Beans Essentials

Bourbon Coffee: Origin & Biological Characteristics Of Bourbon Coffee

Bourbon Coffee – Origin & Biological Characteristics: Bourbon is one genetically essential C. arabica coffee variety worldwide. Along with its brother Typica, most other coffees have been bred. The high-quality correlation of these two varieties has served as a measure of quality throughout the history of the coffee industry. But some mutations have given Bourbon coffee a 20-30% higher yield than the Typica brothers. The following infographic will show the main characteristics of the Bourbon Coffee variety. Because of its high …
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Robusta coffee – Origin & biological characteristics | Robusta coffee in Vietnam – Helena., JSC

Robusta coffee – Origin & biological characteristics | Robusta coffee in Vietnam - Helena. JSC: Belongs to the genus Coffea canephora, along with C.Arabica; it is one of the world's two central commercially grown coffees. Robusta is also the mainstay of Vietnam's coffee industry, contributing to holding the second position in the coffee output. However, it is also essential to know that Robusta accounts for less than 30% of the total structure of global coffee; the rest belongs to Arabica varieties …
Arabica Coffee Vietnam – Origin & Biological CharacteristicsCoffee Beans Essentials

Arabica Coffee – Origin & Biological Characteristics

Arabica Coffee - Origin & Biological Properties -  (Nomenclature: Coffea arabica ) is derived from the native coffee species of the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia. This is one of the first coffee varieties to be planted and still occupies a dominant position in the structure of the world coffee industry, accounting for about 70% of global production. Historical Origins of Arabica Endemic C.arabica species are now very few in Ethiopia, while most existing populations of Arabica coffee trees result from hybridization. Only in Ethiopia …