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Aeropress Vs French Press - Which Is Better?Brewing

Aeropress Vs French Press – Which Is Better?

Aeropress vs. French Press is one of the brewers belonging to the Immersion group, a style of coffee making where people spend most of their time steeping their coffee in a specific volume of water. While French Press is a static immersion method, Aeropress requires extra pressure to complete the brewing process – we can think of it as pressurized immersion. If, to assume that since French-Press and Aero-Press both have the word "Press" in their names, they do the same job! …
Aeropress – Mixing ToolsBrewing

Aeropress – Mixing Tools

Aeropress – Mixing tools. Do you know what Aeropress is? It looks like a vast coffee syringe and is one of the unique coffee makers on the market. But wait, there's more! It's also the only device with an international tournament dedicated to it, the World Aeropress Championship. The origins and applications of the Aeropress Aerobie, a flying saucer designed by the same individual – Alan Adler – was the inspiration for Ae's name. On the other hand, it is intended to …