Spay Dried Instant Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee Exporter

Vietnam Spray Dried Instant Coffee Wholesale Suppliers: Helena Coffee Vietnam produces Spray dried instant coffee in various types: 100% Robusta and Arabica coffee instant type 2.

  • Application: Utilized in manufacturing instant coffee mix three in1, as well as confectionary and soft drinks.
  • Ingredient: Derived from 100 percent unroasted, grade A green coffee beans. The instant coffee powder has been sourced from non-hazardous ingredients and manufactured using cutting-edge techniques in order to attain the highest possible level of quality, maintain the distinctive scent and flavor of the final product, and cater to the many requirements of today’s market. Our instant coffee is 100% pure, meaning it does not include any artificial flavors and does not contain any mixing impurities.
  • Origin: Vietnam

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