Arabica & Robusta Freeze Dried Instant Coffee (Blend)

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  • Ingredients: Arabica and Robusta coffee
  • Product features:
    – Color: typical coffee brown
    – Taste: Bitter, slightly sour
    – Aroma: Chocolate, fruit
  • Expiry date: 24 months
  • Packed Weight Per Bag: 10kg, 25kg
  • Price per kilogram: $/kg


Arabica & Robusta Freeze Dried Instant Coffee (Blend) uses advanced methods and modern European technology, retaining all the highest standards of quality and the best flavor and natural taste of extracted instant coffee.

1. What is Arabica & Robusta Freeze Dried Instant Coffee Blend?

Blend, or Coffee Blend, is the mixing of two or more different types of coffee beans. Coffee beans can:

  • Varieties: Robusta + Arabica blend
  • Coming from many countries: same Arabica but originating from many countries (Our Blend espresso seasonal uses Colombia + Rwanda)
  • From the same farm, but the coffee is of a different variety or has another processing method: for example, from a farm, we can have a blend of bourbon + typica; or the same bourbon variety but a blend of dry and wet pre-processed coffee.

What is the purpose of blend products?

If the coffee you make is primarily for your customers to drink with milk, increasing the percentage of beans with a thick body and high sweetness might be a good idea. If the blend is aimed at drip customers, care should be taken to have excellent and unique coffee beans.


Over time, the number of people using coffee is increasing, along with the need to satisfy the taste that also needs attention. Many people love the intense aroma of Arabica and the intensely bitter taste of Robusta. Besides, some people like the mild taste of these two types of coffee.

Blended coffee is a delicate combination between Arabica and Robusta. Robusta enhances the bold taste and increases the caffeine content of Espresso. Arabica gives a rich aroma and a sweet and sour taste. This harmonious combination has gradually become the choice of many coffee lovers worldwide. So, we would like to introduce Arabica & Robusta Freeze Dried Instant Coffee (Blend).

2. Arabica & Robusta Freeze Dried Instant Coffee (Blend)

Ingredients:  50% Arabica + 50% Robusta coffee
Shape: Granular
Characteristic Color:  Typical Coffee Brown
Taste:  Bitter, mildly sour
Fragrance:  Chocolate, fruit
Caffeine content:  >= 2.5%
Moisture:  5%
PH:  4.9-5.3
Ash content:  8.0%
Water extraction: 96%
Density:  250-280
Total aerobic organisms (CFU/g):  10,000 max
Mold yeast (CFU/g):  200 max
Coliforms /g: 10 max


Payment method: 
  • Domestic: Cash against Documents or Bank transfer with SWIFT
  • International Payment: T/T advanced, L/C at sight or to be negotiated
 Delivery time: International shipping
Quantity/ Quantity: MOQ 1 ton cont 20′ cont 40′
Estimated time/ Estimated delivery time: Three days 7-10 days 10-15 days

Origin:  Daklak, Vietnam

Shelf life:  24 months under storage conditions
Storage conditions: Pack tightly closed, store in a cool, dry place, not exposed to direct sunlight

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