Robusta Spray Dried Instant Coffee Powder

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  • Ingredients: 100% Vietnam Robusta coffee beans
  • Color: Brown typical of coffee
  • Taste: Chocolate, strong bitterness, Vietnamese taste 
  • Aroma: Chocolate
  • Expiry date: 24 months
  • Weight of package: 10kg; 20kg, 25kg
  • Types of beans: Robusta coffee beans
  • Price per kilogram: $/kg


Vietnam Spray Dried Instant Coffee Powder – 100% Robusta is produced using a procedure that is carefully selected, beginning with the selection of input materials and ending with the control of heat levels during the roasting process; the repatriated extract is manufactured using European standard advanced technologies… helps you have a great experience in the research and development of new products.

To increase Vietnamese coffee’s value within the coffee value chain, our mission is to distribute instant coffees of high quality that are produced using cutting-edge technology and subjected to stringent quality control procedures, value chain of coffee on a global scale.

Spray Dried Instant Coffee – 100% Robusta is selected from the best of Robusta coffee beans with high quality from Central Highland of Viet Nam – Dak Lak. With extensive experience in growing, caring for, and processing coffee, Helena can preserve the original flavor of natural coffee beans in the instant coffee product.

1. Spray Dried Instant Coffee Powder – 100% Robusta

  • Ingredients:  100% Robusta coffee beans
  • Appearance: 
  • Shape: fine powder
  • Characteristic color:  Golden brown
  • Taste:  Characteristic of coffee, slightly bitter.
  • Aroma: the typical aroma of coffee, mild, sweet chocolate
  • Caffeine content:  >= 2%
  • Humidity:  5%
  • Density:  230-260
  • Total aerobic organisms (CFU/g):  10,000 max
  • Mold yeast (CFU/g):  200 max
  • Coliforms /g: 10 max
  • Supply Capacity: ~2000 tons/year

Spray dried instant coffee is widely used as raw materials for production in the food industry: instant coffee 2in1, 3in1…. confectionery, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical cosmetics…

1.1. Spray-dried coffee Process

After natural evaporation, the concentrated coffee solution is sprayed from a high tower into a chamber containing hot air. The circulation of hot air in this chamber separates the water from the solution and leaves the dry coffee grounds.

However, too high a temperature makes the coffee taste more lost. If instant coffee needs to be decaffeinated, this decaffeination must take place before roasting. This method is considered to be much simpler than the freeze-drying method.

Here, users often use spray drying method to dry  concentrated coffee extract into a dry powder form to facilitate the process of preservation and use.

1.2. Quality instant coffee powder

  • Application:

Utilized in the manufacturing of instant coffee mix 3 in1, as well as confectionary and soft drinks

  • Ingredient:

Derived from 100 percent unroasted, grade A green coffee beans Instant coffee powder has been sourced from non-hazardous ingredients and manufactured using cutting-edge techniques in order to attain the highest possible level of quality, maintain the distinctive scent and flavor of the final product, and cater to the many requirements of today’s market.

Our instant coffee is 100% pure, meaning it does not include any artificial flavors and does not contain any mixing impurities.
Origin: Vietnam

1.3. How is instant dried coffee powder different from traditional coffee?

Instant coffee and traditional coffee will have differences between form, nature, and process. The difference in dispensing speed and convenience is the most striking thing that we can easily see. Traditional coffee requires complicated preparation because it needs to grind the beans or use many other tools.

1.4. Caffeine Content of substances in Spray instant coffee?

Instant coffee contains less caffeine than traditional coffee. A cup of instant coffee contains 30-90mg of caffeine, while regular coffee contains 70-140mg. Therefore, instant coffee is suitable for those who do not consume a lot of caffeine or do not want to affect sleep.

Spray Dried Instant Coffee Powder - 100% Robusta
Freeze dried coffee

2. Comparison of differences between spray-dried and freeze-dried instant coffee

Spray-dried instant coffee Freeze-dried instant coffee
Working principle The coffee powder is rapidly dried at high temperatures using the spray drying process, which results in the production of a fine powder that is advantageous in that it is easily soluble in both warm and cold water.
In this procedure, the concentrated coffee solution is forced into the top of the cyclone spray tower. After that, hot dry air is delivered into the chamber, and the hot air circulation separates the water from the mist coffee, drying the mist coffee into a dry fine powder.
The cutting-edge technique of freeze-drying ensures that the coffee’s quality and standards are not compromised in any way.
Because of the process of sublimation, which involves the transformation of solids into vapors, the coffee solution will be rapidly cooled at temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius in order to produce ice crystals. After this, the ice will be separated from the crystals, and the seeds will be dried. The remaining portion consists of instant coffee in bean form.
Drying temperature 40-180 degrees C -50 degrees Celsius
Drying time Drying time is faster than cold drying Freeze drying takes a long time to dry, so it takes longer than spray drying
Quality Spray drying often results in strong drying capabilities, but the intense heat involved in the process causes part of the product’s natural flavor and color to be lost.
The instant coffee produced in Vietnam uses cutting-edge technology for its replenishment processes, which helps to maintain the product’s high standard of quality.
Instead of spray drying, this method preserves the natural coffee bean’s gorgeous color, excellent drying capacity, and the highest possible level of nutrients.
Products that belong to the luxury market sector
Electric used Relatively equal Relatively equal
Product identification Fine powder, characteristic dark or light brown color Granular, characteristic light or dark brown color
Price More accessible prices => Bringing more economic efficiency to production High quality, superior products, higher operating costs => Higher cost than spray drying
Market share Most popular Less common than spray drying

3. How to purchase Robusta Spray Dried Instant Coffee Powder from Vietnam?

Payment method: 
  • Domestic: Cash against Documents or Bank transfer with SWIFT
  • International Payment: T/T advanced, L/C at sight or to be negotiated
 Delivery time: International shipping
Quantity/ Quantity: MOQ 1 ton cont 20′ cont 40′
Estimated time/ Estimated delivery time: 3 days 7-10 days 10-15 days

Origin:  Daklak, Vietnam

Shelf life:  24 months under storage conditions
Storage conditions: Pack tightly closed, store in a cool, dry place, not exposed to direct sunlight

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