Spray-dried instant Fine Robusta coffee – SD03 dried instant coffee

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  • Product Code: SD03
  • Ingredients : 100% Fine Robusta
  • Form : Fine powder
  • pH (1% soluotion in 25°C): – 5.0-5.5
  • Total plate count: Max 103
  • Coliforms /g : Max 10
  • Applications: Wide-ranging food production
  • Moisture: Max 4.0
  • Price per kilogram: $/kg
  • Produced by Helena Coffee Vietnam.
  • Origin: Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam.


Dried instant Fine Robusta coffee: In the coffee industry, convenience and creativity have produced Spray-Dried Instant Fine Robusta Coffee. This product is a blend of contemporary spray-drying technology with Robusta coffee beans, providing a convenient and adaptable solution for coffee lovers to savor the unique tastes and stimulating properties of Robusta coffee. We will explore the world of Spray-Dried Instant Fine robusta Coffee in this investigation, looking at its special qualities, manufacturing method.

Vietnam’s Helena Coffee Processing & Export is renowned for being the world’s leading provider, processor, and exporter of fine Vietnamese Robusta and Arabica coffee High quality quantity Good price.

Instant Robusta Coffee, Spray-Dried for Commercial Use. This product is a tribute to Helena’s commitment to giving the best coffee experience; it was made with precision, care, and a devotion to producing outstanding taste. We will examine the substance of Commercial Spray-Dried Instant robusta Coffee in this investigation, emphasizing its special qualities, manufacturing method, and reasons why it is a top option for both enterprises and coffee lovers.

Key attributes of Spray-dried instant Fine Robusta coffee

Product Information for Spray- dried instant Fine Robusta coffee – SD03 

Description Details
Product Code SD03
Ingredients 100% Fine Robusta
Form Fine powder
pH (1% soluotion in 25°C) –  5.0-5.5
Total plate count Max 103
Yeast & Mould (CFU/g)
Coliforms /g Max 10
Applications Wide-ranging food production
Moisture Max 4.0

Origin: Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam.

What is Fine Robusta coffee?

Fine Robusta coffee is a specific grade of coffee beans primarily sourced from the Coffea canephora plant, commonly known as Robusta coffee. While Robusta coffee beans are often associated with lower quality and harsher flavors compared to Arabica coffee beans, “Fine Robusta” refers to a premium subset of Robusta beans that exhibit exceptional qualities in terms of flavor, aroma, and overall quality.

Here are some key characteristics of Fine Robusta coffee:

  • Origin: Fine Robusta coffee is typically grown in specific regions that are conducive to producing high-quality Robusta beans. These regions may include parts of Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America.
  • Flavor Profile: Fine Robusta coffee stands out for its unique flavor profile, which can include notes of chocolate, nuts, and even mild fruitiness. When properly cultivated and processed, it can display a smoother and more balanced taste compared to regular Robusta coffee.
  • Aroma: Fine Robusta coffee is known for its pleasant and enticing aroma, often described as having hints of earthiness, spice, and even floral notes.
  • Body: It usually has a full-bodied and bold character, which makes it well-suited for espresso blends and strong coffee preparations.
  • Processing: Careful attention is paid to the processing methods, with an emphasis on quality control throughout the production chain. This includes selective harvesting, proper fermentation, and drying processes to ensure the beans reach their full potential.
  • Sustainability: Many producers of Fine Robusta coffee are increasingly adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices, which can contribute to the overall quality of the beans.
  • Caffeine Content: Robusta coffee beans are naturally higher in caffeine compared to Arabica beans. This elevated caffeine content can contribute to the boldness and robustness of Fine Robusta coffee.

It’s important to note that Fine Robusta coffee represents a niche market within the broader coffee industry. While it may not be as widely available as Arabica coffee, it has gained recognition among coffee enthusiasts who appreciate its distinctive qualities. When roasted and brewed with care, Fine Robusta coffee can deliver a rich and satisfying coffee experience that transcends the traditional reputation of Robusta beans.


Production Process dried instant coffee quality :

Spray drying, the production method of choice for instant coffee, showcases Robusta’s bold flavors and aromas. This intricate process includes several key steps:

  • Extraction: Robusta coffee beans, having undergone roasting, are meticulously extracted to obtain coffee essence.
  • Concentration: The extracted coffee liquid is concentrated to enhance its coffee solids content.
    Atomization: Through a fine mist, the concentrated coffee liquid is atomized into minuscule droplets.
  • Drying: The droplets are swiftly dried using hot air, giving rise to small, porous coffee granules.

Spray Dried Instant Fine Robusta Coffee Unique Features caffeine.

Quick-Dry Spray-Dried Fine Within the coffee industry, robusta coffee stands apart for a number of distinct reasons. These include:

  1. Instant Preparation: Because it is instant coffee, it dissolves in hot water fast, making it a great option for those who are on the go or who need a quick fix of caffeine.
  2. Strong & Full-Bodied: SDIF Robusta Coffee offers a tasty and fulfilling cup of coffee while preserving the rich and robust taste characteristic of Robusta beans.
  3. Versatile Use: It may be used to make a range of coffee-based drinks, such as creamy lattes, espresso shots, and cocktails with coffee flavors.
  4. Extra Shelf Life: Compared to conventionally brewed coffee, the spray-drying procedure extends the coffee’s shelf life and keeps it fresh and tasty for a longer amount of time.

Sophisticated Cooking with Robusta Coffee

Spray-Dried Instant Fine Robusta Coffee has been used in a variety of culinary applications outside of standard coffee preparation quality .

  • Sweets: It may be used to improve the taste of chocolate-based concoctions, ice cream, and tiramisu, among other coffee-flavored sweets.
  • Savory Dishes: You may utilize its strong coffee flavor in savory recipes like meat glazes, marinades, and sauces.
  • Drinks: To add depth and character to their creations, mixologists are experimenting with SDIF Robusta Coffee to make inventive coffee drinks.
  • Baking: This coffee powder has the ability to enhance the flavor of coffee-infused cakes, cookies, and bread, as bakers have found.

Assessing the Smoothness dried instant fine robusta coffee

Instant coffee’s smoothness is a complex quality that includes a range of sensory aspects:

  • Mouthfeel: The way coffee feels and textures on the tongue is a major factor in determining how smooth it is. Good instant coffee is frequently characterized by a smooth, creamy texture.
  • Bitterness: Robusta coffee’s overall taste profile might benefit from a little bitterness, but too much or too strong a bitterness can take away from the coffee’s smoothness.
  • Acidity: By bringing brightness to the taste, a well-balanced acidity level may improve the smoothness perception. On the other hand, too acidic coffee may taste harsh and less smooth.
  • Aroma and Flavor: Robusta coffee’s flavor notes and aromatic ingredients have a big impact on how smooth it seems to people. The tastes of a smooth cup are well-balanced and harmonious.
  • Elements Affecting Smoothness

The smoothness of Spray-Dried Instant Fine Robusta Coffee is affected by a number of factors:

  • Bean quality: It is crucial that the Robusta beans used in manufacturing be of the highest caliber. Impurities or flaws in the beans might bring unwanted qualities that impact smoothness.
  • Roasting Profile: The coffee’s taste and smoothness may be significantly influenced by the roasting procedure. A well-managed roasting profile may minimize bitterness while bringing out the ideal flavor qualities.
  • Grind Size: The coffee’s smoothness is determined by how quickly it dissolves in water, which is influenced by how fine the granules are after spray drying.
  • Solubility: A smooth cup is largely dependent on how soluble the coffee granules are. Filtered coffee ought to dissolve easily in hot water without producing any residue.
  • Blending: The smoothness of the finished product may be affected by combining Robusta beans with other coffee types or chemicals.
Spray-dried instant Fine Robusta coffee
Spray-dried instant Fine Robusta coffee

The Spray-Drying Technique dried instant fine robusta coffee

A specialized method called spray-drying turns brewed coffee into a fine, soluble powder. There are many important steps in this method:

  • Brewing: To bring forth the unique taste and fragrance of premium Robusta coffee, it is meticulously brewed.
  • Atomization: The process that turns brewed coffee into tiny droplets that spray like a mist.
  • Drying: The liquid in the droplets is quickly evaporated by hot air, leaving behind little bits of dry coffee.
  • Gathering: To maintain its taste and freshness, the final coffee powder is gathered and packed.

Here’s how to use this product to create a delicious cup of coffee, step-by-step instructions included:

Components and Tools:

Instantly dried with a spray Strong coffee
Hot water, around 195–205°F (90–96°C), slightly shy of boiling
Mug or cup for coffee
Optional: a stirring stick or spoon
Extra ingredients (optional) such as sugar, creamer, or flavorings

1.To boil water: Boil some clean, fresh water first. After bringing it to a boil, let it rest for a little while to cool down, to a temperature of around 195–205°F (90–96°C).

2. Gauge the coffee:Measure out the right number of spray-dried instant fine Robusta coffee granules based on your desired strength. A typical portion is one to two tablespoons for every six to eight ounces (180-240 ml) of water, but you may alter the amount to suit your taste.

3. Get your mug ready:Fill your mug or coffee cup with the measured coffee granules.

4.Apply Warm Water: Transfer the freshly boiled water into the cup containing the coffee grinds. The amount of water and coffee that you measured before should be the same. Pour straight onto the coffee, gently.

5. Stir (Suggested): To fully combine the coffee granules and hot water, use a stirring spoon or stick. Until the grains are completely dissolved, stir. This is a crucial step to make sure your coffee is smooth and well-mixed.

6. Personalize (Optional): It is now possible to flavor your coffee with sugar, creamer, or any other desired ingredient. Tailor your coffee to your preferences.

7. Have fun: Savor the deep, bold taste of your spray-dried instant fine Robusta coffee after letting it cool to the ideal sipping temperature.

In the coffee industry, Spray-Dried Instant Fine Robusta Coffee is the epitome of the union of tradition and technology. Through the creative method of spray-drying, it captures the powerful and unique aromas of Robusta beans, offering coffee lovers a practical, adaptable, and tasty coffee choice. Whether you’re looking for a fast hit of caffeine, want to try some new recipes, or just enjoy a traditional cup of coffee, Spray-Dried Instant Fine Robusta Coffee allows you to discover the depth and adaptability of this well-liked beverage.

Enjoying its tastes, you’ll come to be a part of a community of coffee enthusiasts who value the flavor and ease of use that SDIF Robusta Coffee adds to their everyday routine.

Packing coffee

Packing 10kgs/bag or 25kgs/carton

Delivery Time:

15-20 days.
Quantity (Minimum Order Quantity): 1 ton.
Container 20′: 6,000 Kgs (400-410 boxes) per 10kgs/bag or 25kgs/bag.
Container 40′: 12,000 Kgs (800-820 boxes) per 10kgs/bag or 25kgs/bag.
Estimated Delivery Time: 3 days (domestic), 7-10 days (20′ container), 10-15 days (40′ container).

Spray-dried instant Fine Robusta coffee - SD03
Spray-dried instant Fine Robusta coffee – SD03

Spray-dried instant Fine Robusta coffee – SD03 High quality quantity Good price

Payment terms

Payment terms: 40% deposit to prepare goods, 60% before B/L
International Payment: T/T advanced, L/C at sight or to be negotiated

Conditions : Sealed packaging, kept in a dry, cool place not exposed to direct sunlight.

Know your supplier  viet nam coffee

Helena., JSC – Helena Coffee Vietnam
Helena Coffee Processing & Export in Vietnam is recognized as a preeminent global supplier, processor, and exporter of exquisite Vietnamese Robusta and Arabica coffee. Which was established in 2016, is a Vietnamese coffee exporter. After years of growth, we have become one of the most well-known coffee production and export enterprises in Vietnam. Our products are now exported and consumed in a variety of countries and areas across the world, including China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Ukraine, and the United States.

Spray-dried instant Fine Robusta coffee

Spray-dried instant Fine Robusta coffee – SD03: Helena Coffee Towwer

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