Compare What Is Better Arabica Or Robusta 

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What Is Better Arabica Or Robusta 

What is Better Arabica Or Robusta? Arabica coffee is also known as Tea coffee. Robusta coffee is also known as Robusta coffee. These are the two largest coffee lines in the world today and have completely different characteristics. So what is the difference? How to distinguish these two coffee lines? Let’s follow the following article by Bonjour Coffee.

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Compare the origin of Arabica and Robusta coffee

For Arabica coffee

Also known as tea coffee, this type of coffee is most commonly grown in temperate climates around the world. According to statistics, they are most grown in South America. Arabica has two main types of coffee: Moka and Catimor. Both types are very popular in the Vietnamese market. Arabica coffee beans have a larger oval shape than Robusta coffee beans.

What Is Better Arabica Or Robusta 

For Robusta coffee

Robusta coffee is the second most grown coffee in the world and is also known as Robusta coffee. In Vietnam, most coffee originates from this type of coffee. This type of coffee is grown in tropical climates and at altitudes below 1000m, so Vietnam is an extremely suitable place to grow this type of coffee, especially the Central Highlands. Robusta coffee was first discovered in Congo-Belgium in the 1800s and has since spread to tropical countries around the world.

Compare What is Better Arabica Or Robusta

It’s hard to say which type of coffee is better because it depends a lot on each person’s taste. In terms of ingredients, Robusta coffee contains more caffeine than Arabica coffee. Robusta coffee gives a stronger feeling, while Arabica coffee is less toxic and contains more aroma.

Those who like lightness and freshness will prefer Arabica coffee, and those who like strong flavors will prefer Robusta coffee. Therefore, the deliciousness of these two types of coffee cannot be compared and depends on each person’s perception.

What Is Better Arabica Or Robusta 
Arabica and Robusta coffee

The difference also comes from the way of processing

  • Arabica coffee cherries are harvested, then fermented, washed and dried. That will create a characteristic sour taste for this type of coffee. But the next day, when you feel the sour taste, you will feel a very characteristic bitter taste. Drinking Arabica coffee, you will clearly feel the flavor and taste transformation that this type of coffee brings to your taste buds.
  • Robusta coffee beans are smaller in size than Arabica coffee beans. After harvesting, Robusta coffee will be dried directly without fermentation, so this type of coffee will taste more bitter than Arabica coffee. And when you drink it, you will also feel the richer flavor than Arabica coffee.

There are many people who like the lightness and depth of Arabica coffee, but there are also people who like the strength and refreshment of Robusta coffee, especially men and coffee lovers. Nowadays people often mix both types of coffee to create the most unique coffee flavors. Typically, Italian Espresso coffee is often used with an Arabica and Robusta ratio of 9:1.

It is impossible to confirm which type of Arabica and Robusta coffee is better because each type of coffee has a different flavor and characteristics and depends on each person’s feelings. Taking advantage of the advantages of each type to mix together will bring a perfect cup of coffee.

Above is a comparison of Compare What’s Better Arabica Or Robusta. According to our research, you can use it for reference.

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