Which Is More Delicious Arabica or Robusta Coffee?

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There are two most popular types of coffee in the world: Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee. Vietnam is the largest coffee exporter in the world. Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and India … are in the last Arabica coffee production.

This Two lines of coffee have been present for a long time on all continents and are mixed into a drink with many different variations. Many places have recipes for mixing two types of coffee to create a unique flavor. Let’s compare Arabica and Robusta coffee which is better and how are our flavors different, how do blend to create the best coffee?

Comparison of Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee on biological peculiarities

Arabica coffee

Arabica coffee, also known as tea coffee, is the most popular coffee globally, accounting for more than 60% of the world’s total annual coffee production. Arabica includes the two most common, Moka and Catimor, in which people drink more Moka than Catimor.

Unique biological Arabica is a temperate climate; the temperature is from 15-25 degrees Celsius, the altitude is over 1000m, the degree is moderate. Therefore, Vietnam is not a post-region with suitable terrain to develop Arabica coffee. We usually plant the most in South American countries.

Arabica coffee fruit has an oval shape; each has two oval kernels, so it is better than the coffee beans. Some result formats have only a single seed.

Robusta Coffee

Robusta coffee, also known as “Voi coffee”, is the second most abundant coffee globally, after Arabica coffee. In Vietnam, up to 90% of coffee production comes from approved coffee, helping Vietnam to lead the export coffee market in the world.

Robusta is suitable for growing in climates above 25 degrees Celsius and altitudes below 1000m. Therefore, in Vietnam, Voi coffee is grown mainly in the Central Highlands, such as Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Kon Tum, etc.

Robusta coffee fruit has a round shape; each fruit includes two coffee beans that are also round with bright yellow color.

Is Arabica or Robusta coffee better for your taste?

When comparing Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee which is better,  people will judge based on each flavor. Arabica coffee has a mildly bitter taste and pure gentle aroma, making the caffeine content in Arabica beans only from 1-2%. Robusta coffee has a bitter, slightly acidic taste and a more intense smell than Arabica, making the caffeine content in Robusta beans account for 2-4%.

That is why many people prefer the taste of Arabica over Robusta because of its mild and moderate purity. However, black coffee’s sour and bitter taste is preferred in some countries. These days, to create an excellent taste for coffee, people often mix both types of coffee according to specific laws. Leaving the term, Italian Espresso coffee often uses the ratio Arabica: Robusta according to the formula 9:1 to get a bit sour taste of mixed Robusta to increase the flavor of pure Arabica.

Which Is More Delicious Arabica or Robusta Coffee

According to modern technology, coffee is often processed by coffee roasters, creating pure roasted coffee days. Brands that have exploited the delicious taste of  Arabica and Robusta coffee in Vietnam include Nestle Vina coffee… Famous coffee shop chains in Vietnam include Highlands coffee, Starbucks, Cong Coffee, and Helena Coffee Vietnam….

Comparing Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee, which is better, isn’t easy to choose. Every line of coffee carries a distinctive flavor that is unmistakable with the bars. And because it matches the location and rating of each user. Taking advantage of the priority points in the flavors of each type combined will create delicious cups of coffee in the right way and leave an indelible mark in the hearts of each customer.

Indeed, it is difficult to say which type of coffee is better because it depends on each person’s perception. In terms of ingredients, Robusta coffee contains more caffeine than Arabica coffee. Robusta coffee feels stronger, while Arabica coffee is less toxic and has more aroma.

Those who like light and aromatic coffee will love Arabica coffee, and those who want intense flavors will enjoy Robusta coffee. Therefore, the deliciousness of these two types of coffee cannot be compared and depends on each person’s perception.

Difference from the mode method variable:

  • Arabica coffee berries are harvested, then fermented, washed, and dried. That will give this coffee a sour character. But the next day, when you receive the sour taste, you will feel a very bitter characteristic. Using Arabica coffee, you will feel the position and taste variation this coffee gives you.
  • Robusta coffee beans are smaller in size than Arabica coffee beans. After being harvested, Robusta coffee will be dried directly without fermentation; this coffee will have a more bitter taste than Arabica coffee. And when drinking, you will also feel the flavor more intense than Arabica coffee.

Many people like the gentle, deep listening of Arabica coffee, but some people like the vital coolness of Robusta coffee, especially for men and coffee lovers. These days, people often blend these two types of coffee to create unique coffee flavors. Usually, Italian Espresso coffee is often used with Arabica and Robusta of 9-1.

Which Is More Delicious Arabica or Robusta Coffee

Cannot out of the Arabica and Robusta coffee is better because each type of coffee contains a flavor, and different characteristics, and depends on each person’s perception. The exclusive use of each class to blend will result in a complete coffee.

Above is a comparison of Arabica and Robusta coffee which is better; according to our research, you can rely on that for reference.

Which Is More Delicious, Arabica or Robusta Coffee?

Referring to “delicious”, it is difficult to evaluate and compare these two types of coffee. Because “delicious” or not depends on the taste of consumers. But when it comes to deliciousness, people often think of 3 basic criteria:


Arabica coffee has a caffeine content of only 1-2% in the beans, so it has a mildly bitter taste, a gentle aroma, and a sweet and sour taste. As for Robusta beans, the taste is somewhat darker due to their higher caffeine content than Arabica, accounting for 2-4%.

Therefore, according to experts and “coffee connoisseurs”, Arabica beans will give a better, more diverse, and more delicate flavor than Robusta. However, for Vietnam – the capital of Robusta, the taste of Arabica beans is still quite new. People spend more “infatuation” with the strong bitter taste of Robusta, especially when mixed with condensed milk. That is why Vietnamese people have favored the culture of “coffee with iced milk“.

Roasting and blending techniques

Today, for coffee to have both a bitter taste like chocolate and a sour, sweet, diverse taste. People often mix both Robusta and Arabica coffee in certain proportions.

That’s why, at Helena Coffee, coffee is roasted and ground, and mixed according to certain formulas and ratios to create diverse flavors that are suitable for all tastes and tastes of the market.

At Helena, coffee is roasted with modern technology and advanced machines to create pure coffee batches, exploiting the delicious taste of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans in Vietnam.


In terms of market price, Robusta coffee beans are only half the price of Arabica coffee beans. Due to the low production of Arabica beans in Vietnam, and its popularity in foreign markets, the selling price will be more different than that of Robusta.

Helena Coffee is known as one of the coffee brands that provide quality Robusta and Arabica beans at competitive prices on the market today. With the advantage of 7 diverse raw material regions, stretching from North to South, and a modern machinery system.

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