Specialty Coffee Expo 2023: A Destination Not To Be Missed For Coffee Lovers

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Specialty Coffee Expo

On Friday, April 21st, the Specialty Coffee Expo, a pivotal event in the global coffee industry, will commence in Portland, Oregon. Renowned as one of the industry’s most significant gatherings, the annual expo attracts thousands, including roasters, producers, equipment manufacturers, baristas, and business owners. It offers a vital forum for coffee professionals to network, establish new relationships, and collaborate, thereby propelling the specialty coffee sector ahead.

Continue reading to discover more about the highlights, key events, and activities scheduled for this three-day trade show.

Exciting competitions and Awards programs at specialty coffee Expo

Organized by the Specialty Coffee Association, the Specialty Coffee Expo annually rotates to a different US city. In 2023, the event will be hosted in Portland, Oregon—a city renowned for its vibrant specialty coffee culture, dating back to the late 1990s with the establishment of Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Described by the SCA as “the coffee professional’s ultimate destination for industry success,” the expo serves as a platform for international coffee professionals and enthusiasts to network, learn, and discover the latest innovations in the coffee sector.

In addition to its expansive trade show, the 2023 Specialty Coffee Expo will feature a lineup of exciting competitions and awards programs.

The event will showcase the 2023 US Coffee Championships, including the US Barista, Latte Art, Brewers Cup, Roaster, Coffee in Good Spirits, and Cup Tasters Championships. Winners of these competitions will represent the US at the respective global championships held at the World of Coffee Athens in June.

Furthermore, the expo will host the prestigious Best New Product and Coffee Design Awards. These initiatives recognize excellence and innovation within the global coffee industry.

The Best New Product award celebrates groundbreaking products that contribute to the specialty coffee sector, spanning categories such as coffee accessories, commercial and consumer preparation equipment, specialty coffee additives, non-coffee beverages, and an open class for unique products.

Meanwhile, the Coffee Design Awards recognize outstanding product and packaging designs across branding, packaging, and spaces categories.

Winners of both awards will be unveiled and honored during the event, highlighting the industry’s finest achievements and advancements.

Engaging educational offerings at specialty coffee Expo

An integral aspect of the Specialty Coffee Expo is the dissemination of cutting-edge coffee research and knowledge.

In collaboration with the Coffee Knowledge Hub and Simonelli Group, this year’s expo boasts over 60 enlightening lectures spanning a wide spectrum of topics. Additionally, a series of hands-on workshops, each lasting three to four hours, delve into various subject areas, incorporating interactive activities and discussions.

The Coffee Science Foundation will showcase the latest advancements in coffee research at the expo. Featured topics encompass sensory science, coffee genetics and breeding, market research, coffee quality assessment, and more. Throughout the event, posters highlighting key research findings will be on display, culminating in an official Coffee Science Foundation Poster Session on Friday, April 21st, from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Who will be present at this year’s specialty coffee Expo?

The Specialty Coffee Expo is renowned for its expansive trade show, encompassing a diverse array of participants including producers, cooperatives, roasters, importers, exporters, coffee shops, equipment manufacturers, and beyond.

Expect to encounter a multitude of leading companies and brands from across the global coffee industry, each showcasing their offerings through individual booths, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the event.

Leading coffee equipment innovators

The 2023 Specialty Coffee Expo is set to host premier coffee equipment manufacturers and distributors, including TORR Industries, a key provider of bag, box, and pouch filling solutions for liquid products, notably cold brew.

Tim Orr, President of TORR Industries Inc., underscores the company’s commitment to innovation. “Recognizing the demand for a streamlined, high-capacity commercial cold brewing solution, we embarked on developing the groundbreaking TORR HIVE BREW Cold Brew Coffee System,” he explains.

The HIVEBREW sets a new standard in efficiency, capable of producing cold brew in under 40 minutes with extraction yields exceeding 20%, preserving the integrity of the coffee’s quality and flavor profile.

Tailored for high-volume cold brew sales, the HIVEBREW is offered in 700, 2,000, and 5,000 gallon-capacity models. Its unique design disperses water through a hexagonal-shaped “cell,” each model housing seven, 14, or 28 cells for optimal cold brew extraction. Featuring reusable stainless steel filters within each cell, cleaning is effortless, while precise water flow control and minimal agitation during extraction ensure consistency.

In addition to the HIVEBREW, TORR will showcase its automated pre-infuser and cell loader FUSION system at the expo.

For a closer look at TORR Industries’ innovative HIVEBREW system, visit their website or explore Booth 1800 at the Specialty Coffee Expo.

Forward-thinking producers and cooperatives

The upcoming Specialty Coffee Expo will host some of the globe’s most innovative coffee producers and cooperatives.

Among them is Sancoffee, a Brazilian specialty coffee cooperative renowned for its emphasis on direct trade relationships and commitment to environmental, social, and governance initiatives. Fabricio Andrade, CEO of Sancoffee, underscores the significance of impact-driven practices within the coffee industry. “Coffee businesses have the power to create meaningful impact,” he asserts. “We’re dedicated to transparently sharing our impact with stakeholders and the broader community.”

Sancoffee’s ethos is shaped by the challenges confronting coffee producers today. Their cooperative model prioritizes the needs of all stakeholders, striving for a sustainable future in coffee production by reducing environmental footprint and bolstering support for local coffee-growing communities.

Since 2019, Sancoffee has set ambitious social and environmental impact goals, publishing an annual report to document their progress and inspire collaboration towards sustainable outcomes in the coffee sector. As a B Corp-certified entity, they spearhead various sustainable agricultural initiatives like the Bio Recovery Programme and a carbon-neutral coffee scheme, solidifying their position as one of Brazil’s pioneering carbon-neutral cooperatives.

Innovative green coffee packaging solutions

The 2023 Specialty Coffee Expo will feature leading green and roasted coffee packaging companies, among them Ecotact, a prominent supplier in the industry.

Hanuman Jain, CEO and founder of Ecotact, emphasizes the company’s dedication to shaping a more sustainable future for the coffee industry and beyond. “We’re driven by a mission to revolutionize the coffee sector through hermetic packaging solutions, ensuring fair prices for farmers and safeguarding the integrity of green coffee,” says Jain.

Ecotact’s commitment to sustainability extends to continuous innovation in reducing carbon footprint. Their nine-layer hermetic packaging technology guarantees freshness during transit and storage, with a focus on recyclability and reusability to minimize environmental impact.

At the expo, Ecotact unveils three new products. The Ecotact Biome Tray is versatile for cuppings, tastings, and showcasing roasted coffee beans. The Ecotact Penta Pak, a five-panelled hermetic packaging, prioritizes recyclability while preserving coffee quality. Lastly, the reusable Ecotact Farmer D’lite provides producers with efficient storage for parchment and green coffee.

For more information on Ecotact’s green coffee packaging solutions, visit their website and explore Booths 1401 & 1501 at the Specialty Coffee Expo.

Additional exhibitors at specialty coffee Expo

In addition to these notable brands, a diverse array of specialty coffee companies will also grace the event, including:

  • MTPak Coffee
  • Ally Coffee
  • Marco Beverage Systems
  • AeroPress
  • Algrano
  • Baratza
  • Cimbali USA
  • Covoya Coffee
  • Dalla Corte
  • Guatemalan Coffees
  • Mercon Specialty Coffee
  • Rancilio Group North America
  • Royal Coffee and The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room
  • Toddy
  • Frank Buna
  • Stronghold
  • Sucafina
  • Yara
  • Cropster
  • IMF

Roaster village highlights

An essential element of the Specialty Coffee Expo, the Roaster Village serves as a central gathering point for the multitude of producers, roasters, baristas, and green coffee traders who converge at the event.

This year, the Roaster Village will be situated prominently on the main show floor, showcasing exhibitors like JNP Coffee, Café Granja La Esperanza, Cup of Excellence, Forest Coffee, Onyx Coffee Lab, and La Cabra.

Moreover, the Roaster Village Hub will offer live demonstrations and workshop sessions facilitated by industry leaders such as Sanremo Coffee Machines and Fiorenzato.

Green coffee buyers and sellers program

Returning for its second year, the Green Coffee Buyers and Sellers Program will once again grace the Specialty Coffee Expo. This program is dedicated to fostering green coffee sales.

Participants can leverage the Specialty Coffee Expo mobile app to engage with buyers and traders, with 20-minute meeting slots provided. The event warmly welcomes green coffee buyers and sellers of all scales to register and participate.

Cupping exchange highlights

This year’s Cupping Exchange lineup boasts renowned green coffee traders including JNP Coffee, Guatemalan Coffees, Mercon Specialty, Café Imports, Algrano, Fairtrade International, and Trabocca.

Additionally, the SCA will debut the beta version of the Coffee Value Assessment during this event. Stemming from a project initiated in 2020, the organization’s updated cupping protocol and form enable industry experts to capture a broader spectrum of information and more pertinent data during coffee cupping sessions.