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Symmetry Grading Wheel

Unraveling the Magic of Exquisite Latte Art – Symmetry Grading Wheel: A dive into the subjective world of coffee aesthetics may leave one pondering – what truly defines remarkable latte art? Individual tastes and preferences often blur the lines of good and bad. But is there a more systematic, professional way to assess the craftsmanship behind each mesmerizing coffee surface?

Join us, at Helena Coffee Vietnam, as we uncover the secrets in this comprehensive guide and explore the art of coffee shaping from a whole new perspective!

Symmetry Grading Wheel – What is the Symmetry Grading Wheel?

The Symmetry Grading Wheel is a specialized tool used in the domain of latte art. It is essentially a measuring tool, designed to help evaluate and improve the symmetry of the patterns created on the surface of a latte.

This wheel works as a visual guide for baristas, allowing them to align their designs with its markings to achieve perfect symmetry in their latte art. It helps in assessing whether the latte art is balanced and symmetrical, and guides baristas in maintaining consistent standards in their creations.

Not only does the Symmetry Grading Wheel aid baristas during their practice sessions, it’s also utilized by judges in latte art competitions. It provides a standardized method of measuring the symmetry of latte art, ensuring fairness and objectivity in the judging process.

In essence, the Symmetry Grading Wheel is a crucial instrument in the pursuit of latte art excellence, fostering both skill enhancement and fair competition.

Symmetry Grading Wheel – Symmetrical circles are often used in Latte Art Grading contests to measure and score the symmetrical elements of the drawings on the coffee surface. This is an indispensable tool for those who are on the training journey to become a professional Latte Artist.

Symmetry Grading Wheel
Symmetry Grading Wheel – The circle of symmetry is the “measurement” of Latte Art.

The Symmetrical Circle is developed and is owned by the intellectual property of Latte Art Grading System (LAGS) – An international standard system built to evaluate the technical and creative levels of Latte Artist through exams.

Structure of the Symmetrical Circle 

In any field, certain standards are required, and so is Latte Art. Before creating artistic drawings that bring admiration and excitement to customers, professional bartenders need to understand how to use the Symmetry Grading Wheel.

The Symmetry Grading Wheel has a circular shape like a wheel and is divided into sections corresponding to the symmetrical elements in Latte art. Include:

  • Simmetry line: This is a straight line printed in bold yellow to become prominent and recognizable, forming 2 perpendicular axes on the symmetrical circle. The task of Simmetry line is to act as a “measurement” for judges in evaluating and scoring the symmetry level of the drawings on the coffee surface.
  • Circle center point: The intersection of two Simmetry line axes, used to measure symmetry based on alignment with the center point of the coffee cup. Also, the drawing inside the latte must be positioned right between these two Simmetry line axes.

Symmetry Grading Wheel – The circle of symmetry is the “measurement” of Latte Art.

Symmetry Grading Wheel version 3.0.: Symmetry Grading Wheel – The circle of symmetry is the “measurement” of Latte Art.
  • White & Orange Tollerance: Allowable tilt of white & orange shift.
  • Green Tollerance: Allowable inclination of green shift.
  • Red Tollerance: Allowable inclination of red shift.
  • Black Tollerance: Allowable tilt of the black shift.
  • Espresso Ring: Position for placing espresso cups with a maximum diameter of 6cm.
  • Cappuccino Ring: Place to place a cappuccino cup with a maximum diameter of 9cm.
  • Big Cappuccino Ring: Placement for large cappuccino cups with a maximum diameter of 11cm.

When grading, the judge will place the Latte Art on the Symmetry Grading Wheel and compare the symmetry of the drawing on the coffee surface with the axes and coordinates. This will be the basis for judges to give scores and rank whether Latte Artist has conquered the level of White – Orange – Blue – Red or Black.

Discover the standard of each level in Latte Art

Symmetry Grading Wheel version 2.0.
Symmetry Grading Wheel version 2.0.

In order not to be “failed” in the competition, your drawing must be within the allowable margin of error (depending on the level). The higher the level, the greater the precision required. As follows:

  • White & Orange Grading (Ca trắng & Ca cam): 20°.
  • Green Granding: 15°.
  • Red Granding: 10°.
  • Black Granding: 5°.

The Indispensable Role of the Symmetry Grading Wheel in Latte Art

To latte artisans, the Symmetry Grading Wheel is more than just an accessory—it’s a fundamental piece of their artistry arsenal. As they painstakingly craft intricate designs atop velvety foam, this tool acts as their guide, ensuring their creations meet and exceed the highest standards of symmetry. With each practice session, the Wheel lends itself to the enhancement of their skillset, fine-tuning their ability to shape and control the symmetry of their designs in latte art glasses.

For those evaluating these works of liquid art, the Symmetry Grading Wheel offers a critical standard of measurement. During latte art competitions, judges rely on this tool as an arbiter of uniformity, providing an unbiased framework for their assessments. This guarantees a fair playing field, bringing objectivity to the grading and evaluation process and upholding the credibility of these competitions.

In this way, the Symmetry Grading Wheel becomes more than just a tool—it’s a beacon of quality, an upholder of fairness, and an indispensable resource for artists and judges alike in the world of latte art.


It can be seen that the Symmetry Grading Wheel is an indispensable tool in Latte Art. This tool plays an important role in measuring, scoring and determining the symmetry of the drawing on the coffee surface. It also provides a common standard, fairness and uniformity in the evaluation and comparison of Latte Art works.

FAQs about the Symmetry Grading Wheel:

  1. What is a Symmetry Grading Wheel? The Symmetry Grading Wheel is a specialized tool designed for latte art. It serves as a visual guide to help baristas achieve perfect symmetry in their latte art creations and is also used as a standard measurement tool in latte art competitions.
  2. How does a Symmetry Grading Wheel work? The Symmetry Grading Wheel works as a visual reference. Baristas align their latte art with the markings on the wheel to evaluate and enhance the symmetry and balance of their designs.
  3. Who should use a Symmetry Grading Wheel? Both practicing baristas who aim to perfect their latte art and judges in latte art competitions can benefit from the Symmetry Grading Wheel. It helps baristas improve their skills and ensures fair and objective judging in competitions.
  4. Where can I purchase a Symmetry Grading Wheel? Symmetry Grading Wheels can usually be found in specialized coffee accessory stores or online marketplaces. Ensure you are buying from a reputable seller to guarantee product quality.
  5. How can I improve my latte art using the Symmetry Grading Wheel? Practice is key. By consistently using the Symmetry Grading Wheel during your practice sessions, you can receive real-time feedback on your work and gradually improve your latte art’s symmetry and balance.
  6. Can the Symmetry Grading Wheel be used for other types of coffee art? While specifically designed for latte art, the Symmetry Grading Wheel could potentially be useful for any form of coffee art where symmetry and balance are important elements.
  7. How do judges use the Symmetry Grading Wheel in latte art competitions? Judges use the Symmetry Grading Wheel as a standard measurement tool in latte art competitions. It provides an objective framework to evaluate the symmetry of each participant’s latte art, ensuring a fair and consistent judging process.


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