How To Prepare Robusta Clean

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How To Prepare Robusta Clean

How to prepare Robusta clean: If you are a coffee fanatic, definitely cannot ignore Robusta coffee. With its rich, delicious taste and characteristic fatness, Robusta coffee has conquered the hearts of many people. However, not everyone knows how to make Robusta coffee for rich taste. Through the article below, let’s learn how to prepare Robusta coffee to enjoy a great coffee.

1. How to Make Robusta Coffee Simply

To make a delicious and authentic Robusta coffee, prepare the ingredients and follow these steps:

1.1. Ingredients for making Robusta coffee

  • Robusta coffee powder,
  • Alum sugar or small granulated sugar,
  • Stone
  • Boiling water and utensils: spoon, filter for coffee.

1.2. The process of making Robusta coffee

Here are 6 steps to make the most authentic and simple Robusta coffee:

Step 1: Choose the right filter for your needs and rinse it with boiling water. Boiling water helps clean the filter and provides heat for the coffee heating process. Make sure the water has a temperature of about 95 – 100 degrees Celsius.

Step 2: Put the coffee powder into the filter with a quantity of about 1/3 of the volume of the filter. Then, gently shake the filter so that the coffee powder adheres evenly on the filter and flattens the surface.

Step 3: Use the lid to evenly compress the coffee into the filter. When compressing, moderate force should be aligned. If the compress is too tight, the coffee can become clogged; If the compression is too loose, the lid may burst and the coffee will drain massively. Practice to be skilled.

Step 4: After the lid has been properly chopped, pour boiling water slowly until the water covers the coffee area. Close the filter lid and brew for about 30 minutes to allow the coffee to expand.

Step 5: Continue to pour boiling water to fill the filter, cover and wait for the coffee to drip into the glass.

Step 6: After the coffee has dripped, remove the filter, add sugar to taste (if necessary), add ice and enjoy.

2. Outstanding features of Robusta coffee

Robusta coffee is a popular coffee in Vietnam, accounting for more than 90% of coffee production per year. Robusta seeds are usually round spherical and have 2 nuclei, however, some types of mutations have only one nucleus, called Robusta loris.

The remarkable feature of Robusta coffee lies in the taste. Compared to Arabica coffee, Robusta coffee usually has an acrid, bold, bitter flavor. This is often seen as a drawback of robusta coffee, especially when it is processed dry, making the coffee taste even more bitter.

In addition, Robusta coffee has a very high amount of caffeine, accounting for about 2-2.5%, double the caffeine content of Arabica coffee (1.1-1.5%). This makes Robusta coffee one of the most flavorful coffee in the coffee world. However, through modern processing processes, Robusta coffee can become tastier and have a quality that rivals some types of Arabica coffee.

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A delicious and rich cup of Robusta coffee not only requires quality ingredients but also ingenuity in the preparation process. Try applying the Robusta coffee brewing method above to enjoy the characteristic and interesting flavor of this coffee.