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Honey-Processed Robusta Coffee Bean Supplier Wholesale Vietnam:  “If you love the deep lightness, choose Arabica coffee, and if you like the bold and refreshing taste, drink Robusta” is a familiar word of mouth in the coffee world. But in the past 5 years, it is not Arabica or Robusta that Robusta Honey has won the hearts of coffee lovers. So what is Robusta Coffee Honey? Where is the origin? If you still don’t know where to buy reputable coffee, let’s find out with Helena Coffee right away!

What are Robusta honey processed coffee beans?

Surely once in your life, you have heard of Robusta. Yes, it is one of the most popular coffees in Vietnam and the most loved in the world. Coffee Robusta is also known as Robusta coffee or Coffea Canephora. This type of coffee is “born later” than Arabica coffee by about 100 years. This is a type of coffee with a fairly high caffeine content, accounting for 3% to 4% of the bean (other types of coffee such as Arabica coffee (tea coffee) only account for 1% to 2%). Because of this, in addition to being used to drink Robusta coffee, it is also often used to enhance flavor and create a more attractive Crema layer for Italian coffees (Espresso).

Hearing the name Robusta Honey, sometimes mistakenly think that this method uses honey to mix with coffee. But in fact, Robusta Honey coffee is developed based on the Robusta variety and processed by the Honey method. The reason people call it Robusta – Honey or honey coffee is because the color of this coffee is a bit like the yellowish color of “honey“. Therefore, the name of Robusta – Honey coffee is also changed flexibly according to the color level of the rice husk. For example, white honey will call “white honey“, dark brown honey will call “black honey“, and reddish brown will call “red honey” … and this color is formed based on the proportion of mucus layer remaining on the peel. more or less rice during processing.

Robusta Honey coffee beans vendors will name each variety differently based on the color change

To keep the characteristic yellow color of Honey, the processing method of honey Robusta coffee is also different from other types of coffee. Normally, the coffee will be processed wet, ie removing all the mucus on the surface of the coffee beans and fermenting, while the honey-honey coffee method often leaves part or all of the mucus on the coffee bean. grain surface during drying. This method also does not need to undergo fermentation, so the coffee beans still retain the outer layer of silk.

The purpose of this processing method is to take advantage of the sticky rice layer that has a lot of sugar (about 8-12%) in it to color the rice coffee skin to a color similar to honey. At the same time, this sugar layer will soak into the coffee bean during processing and make the coffee bean taste better after roasting. As a result, Robusta Honey has a light fruit aroma and a sweet aftertaste with an inherently strong nature.

Honey processing method from Vietnam

  • Every moment in the processing process will create huge changes in the flavor of the coffee beans. Choose a reasonable stop, to have yellow, red, or black honey coffee that will fully awaken or miss the original flavors hidden in each coffee bean. And even better, when the process is complete, the coffee will look like honey and sugar in the product.
  • With this perfect combination, the coffee beans will have a fruity flavor but not as strong as dry processingmixed with the sour taste of wet processing, sweet aftertaste, strong aroma, and full body. Bringing coffee lovers a cup of sweet, sweet, honey-flavored coffee with medium bitterness and mild sourness. This coffee processing method is very popular in recent times because it is easy to implement, saves investment costs, and is environmentally friendly.
  • Robusta processing Honey has a sweet taste, and a deep, rich aftertaste. Because of the special quality of the perennial coffee variety. This blend makes coffee drinkers feel the intense taste right on the tip of their tongue just like its name. Especially more suitable for brewing when combined with Arabica or Drip to enjoy.

The origin of honey processed Robusta coffee beans

Robusta coffee was first discovered in Congo – Belgium in the early 1800s of the nineteenth century. This plant has a common ancestor with Arabica, Ethiopia, but was formerly grown in the wild. Therefore, the tree of Robusta is taller, has more branches, and leaves larger than that of Arabica.

After 1900, this variety was introduced into Southeast Asia to fight rust and later became a staple of this country. In Vietnam, Robusta coffee accounts for 90% of the country’s total coffee production.

Over the last 10 years, Costa Rica and Panama have developed a way to process honey coffee and this trend began to develop when small roasters in Japan and the United States interested in top-quality coffee joined hands with small producers in Costa Rica and Panama to supply customers luxury goods.

Keeping up with the trend of the times, several production facilities in Vietnam have also applied the Honey processing method for Robusta coffee varieties, successfully producing Robusta Honey coffee beans. Bringing new heights to the coffee industry in Vietnam.

In the production process, Robusta Honey coffee also faces many difficulties due to complicated techniques, requiring a lot of areas as well as drying labor. However, all of that pays off, as Robusta Honey coffee produces clean cups of coffee with a sweet and rich aroma, creating a higher value.

Vietnamese Robusta honey process Flavor 

Honey Processed Robusta Coffee Bean Supplier Wholesale Vietnam
Catching up with the trend of the times, some production facilities in Vietnam have also applied the Honey processing method for Robusta coffee beans varieties.

In terms of taste, it is true to the name Robusta Honey that it represents, it is very robust, very honey, meaning very strong, contains a lot of caffeine (accounting for 3% to 4% in seeds), helps you stay awake but still brings with it a strange sweetness.

The special feature of Robusta Honey is that although it has a fruity taste, it is not too strong like Dry processing (Natural) or sour like wet processing (Full Wash) but neutralizes both of these. The cups of Robusta Honey coffee will have a distinct sweetness of natural honey, a fruity aroma, a mild sourness, and a strong bitter taste of coffee.

Every time you enjoy, this flavor will creep into every cell and leave an aftertaste long after enjoying. Coffee Robusta Honey Process is especially suitable for Machine Brewing when adding Arabica or Drip to enjoy. Robusta Honey coffee not only appeals to men and coffee lovers with its distinctive bitter taste but is also very popular with women because of its honey-like sweetness.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with more useful information about Robusta Honey coffee – one of the coffees with a unique flavor, highly appreciated by coffee enthusiasts for both taste and flavor. You can read more about What Is Honey Processed Coffee?

Some characteristics of Robusta honey process coffee Vietnam

Robusta Honey coffee in particular and Honey processing in general. It is sometimes mistakenly believed that this method uses honey to mix with green coffee. But in fact, when the coffee fruit is ripe, the sugar reaches the highest level, the skin is peeled and the mucus layer is retained. Coffee will be naturally sun-dried on rigs normally lasting from 10-14 days.

Characteristic: Medium bold taste, lightly sour, sweet aftertaste, rich fruit flavor

Product information Honey processed robusta coffee beans

How does Robusta Honey coffees taste?

  • In terms of taste, it is true to the name Robusta Honey that it represents, it is very robust, very honey, meaning very strong, contains a lot of caffeine, keeps you awake but still has a strange sweetness.
  • The special feature of Robusta Honey is that although it has a fruity taste, it is not too strong like Dry processing (Natural) or sour taste like wet processing (Full Washed) but neutralizes both of these.
  • The cups of Robusta Honey coffee will have the distinct sweetness of natural honey, the aroma of fruit, the mild sourness, and the strong bitterness of coffee.

Robusta Red Honey – Sweetness makes a difference

  • Honey Processing in general and Robusta coffee beans with Honey process in particular. It is sometimes mistakenly believed that this method uses honey to mix with green coffee. But in fact, when the coffee fruit is ripe, the sugar level reaches the highest level, and the fruit will be peeled and retain the mucus layer.
  • Coffee will be sun-dried on the rigs without going through any more stages. Based on the fermentation stage and the percentage of the mucilage retained, the processor divides Robusta Honey into many different types.
  • The inherent strength of the honey processing method provides a sweeter taste. In addition to being picked, the sugar layer after peeling is still intact and then dried. Natural fermentation has created a distinctive flavor of ripe fruit.

Robusta coffee beans with Red honey is a version of those special varieties. As its name suggests, with its characteristic dark red color, robusta red honey leaves a strong emphasis on flavor. The retention of more mucilage during primary processing results in a beautiful dark red color when dried, deepening the sweetness that penetrates the skin, and the taste is more refined and post-deposition.

Robusta Black Honey- The taste that stirs the world

  • Black Honey is just the way to prepare the famous Black Honey that once stirred the coffee community of Costa Rica.
  • The common characteristic of “Black Honey” coffee beans is the strong dark chocolate flavor, the smell of toasted almonds, spices, dry fruits, thick sweetness, and a long aftertaste.
  • With the traditional Phin brewing method, the filter coffee cup made from Natural Black Honey Robusta Coffee will produce a cup of Black full of Chocolate or a cup of Caramel, sweet and deep brown.
  • With the preparation method of Espresso Machine and Moka Pot, Black Honey seeds will give you a completely different experience of Robusta beans. The thick and golden crema will catch all your eyes from the first moment you see this espresso cup. Then you will feel the rich fruit flavor, sweet and not bitter at all!
  • With a brewing method called Coldbrew, this coffee can create a rich, traditional filter coffee, but with a little more yeast.
  • Roast Level Near Dark. With a near-deep roast level, you will feel the high sweetness of this coffee, without the bitterness

The Tastes of Honey Roasted Coffee beans

Robusta Honey Roasted Coffee beans have a strong, bold flavor typical of Robusta; smooth bitter taste, not harsh, sweet aftertaste; floral fragrance, refreshing; lingering aftertaste.

Machine brewed coffee should use Robusta Honey Roasted.


  • Robusta S16 – 18 selected 100% ripe, Honey processing
  • Medium Roast
  • Roasted wood

The outstanding feature of Honey coffee is pleasantly bitter taste, not harsh, smooth aftertaste, and very attractive aroma.

Some standards of Robusta Honey Coffee – Dalak, Vietnam


Elevation 600 – 800m
Ripe Rate 99-100%
Moisture 12,5%
Foreign Matter 0.1%
Black (Black) 0.1%
Break (Break) 0.5%
Rate on Sieve 90%
Bean size S16, S18
Capacity  1500 tons/year
Packing (Packing)


Environmental benefits

►  The real benefit of the honey method is that no water is needed in the process. Therefore, it can be applied in localities where water is scarce, rather than wet processing that requires a lot of water.

► This method can also be easily applied in remote areas where transportation to the processing place is difficult and far away. On-site processing can also limit coffee fermentation during transport.

 ► A very important benefit of this approach is the economic factor. The investment cost just to buy a single peeling machine will be much lower than investing in a wet processing line. Moreover, the use of drying racks also saves a large amount of electricity and fossil fuels compared to drying. Therefore, this is the most environmentally friendly coffee processing method to date.

Where should buy Robusta Honey’s coffee reputation? – Helena Coffee Vietnam

Honey-Processed Robusta Coffee Bean Supplier Helena Coffee Vietnam

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