Double Shot Espresso

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Double Shot Espresso

Double Shot Espresso: Double shot using 14g coffee in Coffee Espresso and generated about 60ml Espresso. Traditionally, a single shot of Espresso uses 7g of ground coffee to extract about 25-35ml of Espresso.

And so, Double-shot will be double (Single shot). The Baskets used to remove the Double image are also supposed to be twice as large, and they can hold 14 grams of coffee grounds.

A double shot is also known as doppio, the Italian word for double. An espresso doppio has become the standard extraction method in many parts of the world, such as in the United States and the United Kingdom (even in Vietnam).

This is because coffee is being consumed in larger quantities in these cultures, and the demand for higher caffeinated beverages is increasing.

The net result is that all espressos are prepared using doppio’s dosing machines. And gradually, Double shot or doppio is becoming “standard” and “traditional” instead of Single image.


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