Why Do You Still Feel Sleepy After Drinking Coffee?

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Why Do You Still Feel Sleepy After Drinking Coffee

Why Do You Still Feel Sleepy After Drinking Coffee? Drinking coffee is still sleepy – If you are a new mat about to or just graduated from school, the prospect of eating and sleeping with deadlines will not be too strange.

At that time, ten people, it takes eight people to rely on the help of coffee to fight fatigue, to the point that it is common to work through the night without sleep.

However, one day you suddenly realize that coffee no longer brings the feeling of total energy as before, or the effect and adequate time have decreased significantly. Even people admit they… drink coffee like drinking water but still don’t see any difference.

What caused you to fall into this confusing situation? Why does drinking coffee not wake me up, but I feel more tired and sleepy than before? Let’s find the answer with Helena Coffee!

The Root Of The Problem: Caffeine

Caffeine (C8H10N4O2) is a stimulant found in coffee beans and even other artificial beverage products after being extracted and synthesized by humans.

Usually, the amount of caffeine in your drink will be absorbed entirely after an average of 45 minutes and remain in the body for about 2-9 hours before it disintegrates. Caffeine’s primary effect stimulates the nervous system and several other body functions related to blood pressure and heart rate.

Why Do You Still Feel Sleepy After Drinking Coffee?
Why Do You Still Feel Sleepy After Drinking Coffee?

In particular, the ability of caffeine to stimulate alertness is mediated by its effect on adenosine – a neurotransmitter in our brain.

When the human body is working/working for a long time with pressure and stress, the adenosine in the brain will order the organs to rest, producing a response of lethargy, fatigue, and sleepiness. However, caffeine can inhibit adenosine receptors in the body, preventing the “rest command” from transmitting the usual fatigue response.

7 Reasons Why Drinking Coffee Doesn’t Have A Sober Effect

Of course, through the above explanation, indeed, you do not feel the effects of coffee will always have to do with the body’s caffeine receptor function. While the extent can vary from person to person, here are some of the causes for this confusing condition.

Drinking coffee is still sleepy because you are too tired and lack sleep

A document from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society concludes: If you’ve become too tired – mainly due to lack of sleep lasting up to several days – coffee will not help you continue. Effective stay awake.

Why Do You Still Feel Sleepy After Drinking Coffee?
Why Do You Still Feel Sleepy After Drinking Coffee?

In other words, everything has a limit as a result of lack of sleep, the level of adenosine produced by the brain spikes dramatically, exceeding the inhibitory capacity of caffeine. At that time, drinking coffee will not help you feel more awake; on the contrary, it will cause side effects, both fatigue, restlessness, and anxiety.

The only way to fix it now is to rest make up for the previous hours of sleep deprivation so that your body can adjust the amount of adenosine back to the way it was.

Coffee is a diuretic drink- Drinking coffee is still sleepy

Yes, drinking coffee can make you go to the toilet more than usual. So what does this have to do with the effect of coffee being disabled, making you still feel tired and sleepy after drinking coffee?

You urinate a lot and forget to rehydrate can cause dehydration. When the body falls into a lack of water compared to normal, it will tend to gradually lower blood pressure, creating a feeling of fatigue and sluggishness.

The way to cope is also simple: Drinking 1-2 glasses of water is enough. So, if your friendly cafe often brings customers a cup of filtered water every time they order, thank them silently for this small but psychological act.

Coffee contains more sugar than necessary

Sugar-based by-products are standard when preparing and decorating coffee, such as cream, milk foam, or flavoring syrup.

Why Do You Still Feel Sleepy After Drinking Coffee?
Why Do You Still Feel Sleepy After Drinking Coffee?

Sugar is a substance that increases energy with a feeling of euphoria, which is quickly absorbed by the body when received. However, when all the blood sugar is gradually broken down and the excitement disappears, you will suddenly “fall in the mood” unconsciously, leading to a feeling of stagnation.

The culprit from milk in coffee

Dairy products contain tryptophan – an amino acid that positively affects its ability to induce sleep. This is why many experts recommend drinking a glass of warm milk between 9-10 pm for a better and deeper sleep.

However, the content of tryptophan in milk is also relatively low, so even when mixing milk with coffee, the probability of you feeling sleepy after drinking is very rare. However, it is not excluded that you are a sensitive person or that your body is already weak and tired at that time, so you do not feel the sobering effects of coffee.

Drinking coffee is still sleepy- Coffee is moldy

With hot and humid weather like Vietnam, just carelessly storing it, the box containing your coffee beans or ground coffee powder will have a mold phenomenon right away. When you drink stale coffee, you can become infected with mycotoxins – a toxic substance with a name associated with chronic fatigue.

That is still mild because mycotoxins can even cause liver damage, kidney damage, or cancer when injected in large amounts. Therefore, always be vigilant about the quality and condition of coffee ingredients before using and preparing them.

The state of being “oily” with caffeine

Your body can become “acceptable” to caffeine after a period of regular coffee consumption. According to a study in the US, usually, when drinking coffee daily (for example, every morning), the stimulating effect of caffeine will remain stable for the first 15 days. By day 16, this effect should gradually subside.

However, this only makes the wake-up effect after drinking coffee no longer last as long as before, but “oily” to the point of no longer feeling any sensation is indeed infrequent! If so, most of the time, it will coincide with the first reason: Because you are simultaneously sleep-deprived and need to rest immediately.

Genetic “immune” to caffeine

Each of us individually possesses a different set of genes, leading to varying response levels when drinking coffee. Some people are so sensitive that just a tiny sip is enough to get drunk, while others are almost unaffected by the effects of caffeine.

If you have never felt that coffee has a noticeable effect on your mind and brain (even if you are trying it for the first time), chances are you have fallen into the category of people who are “immune” to caffeine.

This trait is hereditary. So, if your parents (or one of them) don’t feel anything when drinking coffee, you have more evidence that you are in the above group.

Of course, no one forbids you to enjoy the delicious taste of coffee in the world. Only, don’t expect it to keep you sane the way others are.

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