Drinking Coffee Makes The Body Smell Bad And Bad Breath

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Drinking Coffee Makes The Body Smell Bad And Bad Breath: Reasons And Ways To Fix It?

Drinking Coffee Makes The Body Smell Bad And Bad Breath: The rich aroma of coffee makes many people fascinated with this drink. However, sometimes you will not feel salty with the scent it contributes to your body after drinking.

Drinking too much coffee during the day can make… your urine has the same musty smell. What about other agencies? How will coffee affect body odor after drinking?

Why Does Coffee Cause a “Hot” Body Odor?

The caffeine in coffee is the leading cause of the increase in body odor of the drinker.

Caffeine and its psychoactive effects are undeniably the main reason millions love coffee. Nowadays, enjoying coffee is not just a hobby in free time but has become a difficult habit, even addictive for many people.

However, the effects of caffeine do not stop at the brain but also affect many other organs and parts of the body, further stimulating the nerves there. One of the organs affected on this list is your sweat glands, especially in the armpit area.

The sweat glands in the armpit often secrete sweat with a different nature, plus the secretive nature is a favorable environment for bacteria to reside, causing body odor. With the added effect of caffeine, your sweat is even more secreted, causing the number of bacteria and the level of “coriander” to increase compared to what was expected.

Coffee Makes Breath Bad: True Or Made Up?

The phenomenon of bad breath after drinking coffee is wholly grounded. While caffeine isn’t the direct cause of this, it acts as a catalyst.

One of the side effects of caffeine on the body is to speed up the excretory function of the kidneys and the rate of water filtration. When you experience dehydration, your body automatically adjusts, taking in more water from non-essential organs to serve a more critical function.

The salivary glands in the mouth are also on this non-essential list. Although there is no fine at the Covid quarantine points, the reserve water for the salivary glands will be taken away to serve the body.

Without saliva, bacteria in the mouth will increase significantly without control, leading to bad breath after drinking coffee.

And yet, the tannins inside coffee also make the situation more unfavorable. Specifically, despite enhancing the taste of coffee, tannins bind proteins with saliva. This binding process prevents saliva from caring for and cleaning the oral cavity, making it easier to create odors.

How to Overcome Body Odor Caused by Coffee

Thus, drinking coffee can negatively affect body odor is real. To get out of this uncomfortable situation, here are the most effective ways to help you regain self-confidence.

Deal with body sweat

As mentioned, healthy sweat glands will easily affect a tight body area like the underarms and cause unpleasant odors.

First, get rid of the option of underarm roll or perfume. Rolling underarms only works when you apply it to clean and dry skin, letting the deodorant stick in first. The smell does not have a deodorizing effect, creating a nightmare scent combination.

If you haven’t had time to roll under your armpits, find a regular bottle of medical alcohol (spray or liquid will work), dab the alcohol on a soft cloth, and wipe the smelly area. Or you can carry an alcohol-based wet wipe which is equally handy.

Alcohol is a highly effective and safe disinfectant, is also very volatile, and “wipes the scene” in just a few minutes. When handling, you should choose a bit of private space so that the smell of alcohol does not spread around, causing unnecessary attention.

Green tea water is also viable, natural, and pleasant, with a bactericidal effect similar to alcohol.

Deal with lousy breath

Bad breath is caused by a lack of saliva, which cleans bacteria. So drinking more water is the simplest and fastest way to stop the bad smell.

When rehydrated with adequate water, your body will gradually adjust to a normal state, no longer withdrawing water from the salivary glands. In addition, drinking water also partly helps “sweep away” bacteria or odor-causing substances in the oral cavity.

Of course, careful measures such as brushing teeth, using specialized mouthwash, or eating gum also help improve the situation effectively. However, adding water is still the best option if you do not want the side effects of coffee to last long.


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