What Is Natural Green Coffee Flavor? Is It Good For Weight Loss Support?

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Green Coffee Flavor

What is natural green coffee flavor? Does it have a good role in supporting weight loss? Recently, “green coffee” is a phrase that many people are interested in, especially women. I don’t know what this type of coffee tastes like, but just hearing the name “green coffee” is enough to make people curious about it. Please join Helena Coffee in following the article below!

What is natural green coffee flavor?

Green coffee is actually raw coffee (also known as fresh coffee). Basically, green coffee is unroasted coffee beans, naturally green in color, picked from the coffee tree and has not undergone any processing.

Unlike regular coffee, coffee beans will be roasted at a temperature of about 246 degrees Celsius, green coffee is still roasted so it still retains its natural green color, the water is light green and the flavor is gentle, seemingly. It seems to have a flavor more similar to that of herbal tea than the familiar roasted coffee flavor.

Green coffee can be used in many different forms, such as whole beans, powder or tablets depending on each person’s needs and preferences.

Popular flavors that coffee possesses 

Fruity flavor

Fruity flavors tend to possess natural sweetness, and are one of the most highly sought after qualities in the best coffees. Coffees are typically grouped into stone fruits (peaches, apricots, nectarines) to citrus (oranges, lemons, grapefruits, nectarines) and berries (raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, cherries). Some growing regions are listed here with associated flavor highlights:

  • Kenya – Berries
  • Ethiopian region Yirgacheffe – Citrus (Lemon, orange)
  • Brazil – Fruity (Cherry)
  • Costa Rica – Tropical fruits
  • Tanzania – Tropical Fruits (Kiwi), Berries (Blackberry)
  • Guatemala – Citrus (Orange, Green Apple)
  • Colombia – Berries (Blackberry, Currant), Stone fruit (Peaches, Apricots)

    Green Coffee Flavor
    Fruity flavor

Chocolate flavor

There are many different terms that can be used to describe chocolate, and it’s no surprise, it’s a very popular flavor. It can be described as milk chocolate, Swiss chocolate, chocolaty and cocoa-y. You’ll find many South American countries leading the way in chocolate flavor, especially Colombia and Brazil. Many of these places are also known for growing cocoa, which is used to make chocolate.

  • Kenya – Berries
  • Ethiopian region Yirgacheffe – Citrus (Lemon, orange)
  • Brazil – Fruity (Cherry)
  • Costa Rica – Tropical fruits
  • Tanzania – Tropical Fruits (Kiwi), Berries (Blackberry)
  • Guatemala – Citrus (Orange, Green Apple)
  • Colombia – Berries (Blackberry, Currant), Stone fruit (Peaches, Apricots)

While more delicate flavors (milk chocolate) will come through more strongly in medium roasts, the heavier flavors of dark chocolate and cocoa will persist well in darker roasts and stand out more when the flavors are sharper. The greater state of each origin disappears.

What effects does green coffee have?

Because it does not go through the roasting process, green coffee still retains a large amount of chlorogenic acid as well as other antioxidants, so drinking green coffee will bring many effects such as:

  • Reduces cholesterol and the risk of certain chronic diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes
  • Increase blood circulation and release energy
  • Balance and purify the body
  • Inhibits skin aging
  • Improve overall health

Is drinking green coffee good for weight loss?

One of the most outstanding advantages of green coffee is its weight loss effect. Thanks to its antioxidant ingredients and especially chlorogenic acid, green coffee is considered a food that can help lose weight effectively.

Antioxidant content, especially caffeine and chlorogenic acid, are substances that can help block starch absorption and reduce appetite. At the same time, drinking green coffee also has the effect of burning fat and enhancing blood sugar balance by inhibiting the release of glucose in the body.

Green Coffee Flavor
Green coffee is its weight loss effect

In addition, drinking green coffee to lose weight is because green coffee contains 3 types of chlorogenic acid, caffeoylquinic, dicaffeoylquinic acid and many other antioxidants that are very beneficial for weight loss.

In particular, the caffeine content in green coffee is about 2-4%, which can help support weight loss better than regular coffee. The reason is because the active ingredient caffeine in this food will help promote metabolism, helping blood fat convert into easily consumed energy.

How to use green coffee to fight fat and lose weight

To fight fat and lose weight, you can use green coffee in many different ways. Here are some of the most common ways to use coffee to lose weight:

  • For whole coffee beans: Wash the beans to remove dirt, then soak them in a moderate amount of water, put them in the pot and cook for 10 minutes. Finally, turn off the stove, let it cool, filter out the seeds and drink it.
  • For coffee powder: Boil enough water to drink, then add a little green coffee powder and stir well, boil for 7-10 minutes then turn off the stove. Finally, filter through to get drinking water.
  • For coffee extract: For products labeled as coffee extract, you just need to add it to warm water and dissolve it to use immediately.
  • For coffee capsules: Because the daily dosage is also different, ranging from 2 – 3 capsules each time, taken 2 – 3 times per day.

Every day you can drink a cup of green coffee without sugar 30 minutes before meals and after dinner, this will help you lose excess fat, helping to reduce the amount of fat accumulated in the body.

Some side effects of green coffee

The effects of green coffee have been recorded in weight loss as well as comprehensive health care. However, green coffee still has some side effects that you may not know such as:

Contains high levels of cholesterol

The caffeine content in coffee is a concern when used. We know that consuming caffeine in moderate amounts will help keep the body healthy, however, consuming too much caffeine can cause health effects, such as sleep disorders, increased blood pressure, worried….

Green Coffee Flavor
Side effects of green coffee

May affect bone health

Using green coffee for a long time can affect the health of the bone system. Animal studies show that daily consumption of green coffee extract can significantly reduce the amount of calcium in bone tissue.

What should you pay attention to when drinking green coffee?

To ensure effectiveness and safety when using green coffee, you need to note the following:

  • Do not use green coffee if you are suffering from high blood pressure, diarrhea, weak digestive tract…
  • Green coffee is not a weight loss drug but just a weight loss support drink. To lose weight effectively, you need to eat a special diet combined with regular, regular exercise.

It can be seen that although it has only appeared in the past few years, green coffee has always received a lot of attention from people, especially those who are intending to lose weight. However, even though green coffee has weight loss effects, you should still pay attention to the dosage when using it to ensure health safety.

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