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Direct Trade coffee is a form of purchasing coffee from the origin (farm) made by coffee roasters, without going through an intermediary company, or exporter/that imports. So how to understand about direct trade? Which green coffee supplier is Direct Trade certified?

What is Direct Trade? 

Direct Trade is the term used by coffee roasters who buy directly from growers, cutting out both traditional sellers and middlemen as well as certification control organizations such as Fair Trade. They build mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with producers and farmers who directly grow coffee.

The reason for doing “Direct Trade” is because they are not satisfied with and trust third-party certification programs like Fair Trade, they want to directly control more aspects from coffee quality themselves, to social issues or environmental concerns rather than assigning them to a certain third party and according to that party’s standards.

Quickview Direct trade

Before we begin to explore live trading, here is a list of the most common aspects of the Direct Trade program.

  • There is no single, global, third-party verified Direct Trade certification and no regulatory body that establishes, monitors, or enforces Direct Trade standards. 
  • Direct Trade is a sourcing method designed to increase transparency in the supply chain, especially regarding the mechanism for paying farmers’ prices (known as farm prices).
  • There is often an expectation of long-term commitment in Direct Trade in general – a relationship, whether or not a long-term contract is signed.
  • In an ideal world, becoming more and more popular in terms of risk sharing as it includes price transparency and traceability.

What you need to know about Direct Trade

One of the biggest expectations of direct trade is that it directly eliminates “intermediaries” in the supply chain. This claim that coffee is miraculously the result of a simplified commercial transaction that eliminates the need for an intermediary between the farmer and the roaster is not true. correctness. Coffee always needs to be exported and always needs to be imported. These are the types of intermediaries needed no matter who buys the coffee, from where, or how.

Also, while the major roasters can import themselves, almost none can export – Chain also meets expectations, Farmer – Roaster, which is unrealistic in terms of dear tomorrow.

Is Direct Trade Coffee better?

There is much debate about whether direct commercial coffee benefits producers and opinions have been expressed on both sides of the argument. While we can’t necessarily claim that direct commercial coffee is better or worse than coffee sourced through other commercial methods, there are a few things you can look out for before choosing one. choose their coffee:

  • Paying higher prices both encourage quality improvement and allows producers to reinvest in their farms, their families, and their communities – all with broad benefits. Generosity is more than simply enjoying a delicious cup.
  • Long-term trading relationships are more beneficial to coffee farmers than a one-time sale and continuing to find new buyers for their coffee.
  • Committed to being a trusted partner means “accepting good with bad, disease and health,” as Andrew Miller, founder, and partner of Cafe Imports often puts it.
  • Transparency and communication are key to maintaining a true partnership over time, and there’s no substitute for being able to share information, have conversations, and connect face-to-face between people. that we all work with.

Finally, one of the blessings and curses of Direct Trade is that technically anyone can sell “direct trade” coffee, but if you are committed to transparency and care about developing your own set of verifiable, quantifiable, and relevant standards, we are happy to assist you in any way we can, towards the pursuit of a fairer coffee industry for everyone.

Direct Trade Certified Green Coffee Supplier- Helena Coffee

Helena., JSC – Manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Vietnamese coffee (Robusta & Arabica) is a reputable coffee company – specializing in providing roasted and ground coffee beans, pure clean powdered coffee, for the benefit of consumer health and sustainable development

  • Grown by farmers according to safety standards: no chemicals are used in farming, clear origin, health assurance from cultivation.
  • No mass harvesting of both ripe and young coffee cherries: The company harvests ripe cherries separately, removing deep and blackberries, to ensure a stable quality of roasted coffee beans.
  • Modern coffee roasting technology: semi-hot-air technology according to German standards. Upgrade the multi-stage filtration system: dust filter, husk filter, light grain filter (damaged, moldy), and husk filter after roasting .. to ensure the coffee is free of impurities, and not burnt by the husk. when washing roasted coffee in hand.
  • Roasters of Helena Coffee Company: trained to roast according to export standards.

Helena coffee is made from 100% clean, high-quality coffee beans, without mixing impurities, additives, chemicals, or flavorings. Pure coffee beans contain a full content of substances beneficial to health, creating refreshment, the watercolor is not dark, the water is not thick, natural coffee bitterness, the and attractive aroma of roasted coffee beans.

In addition to the typical coffee beans & powder lines, Helena coffee company is ready to produce and process coffee lines that meet customers’ wishes in the best way.



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