The Situation Of Coffee Prices in September 2022: Coffee Prices Fell Sharply Compared to August

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The situation of coffee prices in September 2022: the price of Robusta coffee traded in November increased and decreased erratically.

The situation of coffee prices in September 2022

World coffee prices in September 2022 have many fluctuations.

On the London exchange, the price of Robusta coffee traded in November increased and decreased erratically. In general, the price of Robusta coffee for November delivery in September fell sharply, falling from 2250 USD/ton to 2182 USD/ton. The highest trading price was on September 10 at $2264/ton.

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The price of Arabica coffee for December delivery on the New York Stock Exchange also experienced strong fluctuations. The price of Arabica coffee fell deeply, falling from 235.25 cents/Ib to 225.7 cents/Ib. On September 15, the price of Arabica fell very deeply to 214.85 cents/Ib.

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At the end of the latest trading session, the price of coffee on both floors had many erratic fluctuations. The reason for the change is due to the instability of the USD exchange rate. However, the price of coffee in September was still recorded as one of the highest trading months in many decades.

Coffee News: From Colombia to California, Verve Coffee Roasters’ Incubator Project ‘Bears Fruit

When Verve Coffee Roasters, a California-based retailer and roaster, announced the release of the first coffee product from the Farm-level Incubator Project this month, it advanced its direct commercial business.

After a nursery initiative spearheaded by Verve and 23 collaborating coffee farmers in the rural Urrao area of Antioquia, Colombia, the coffee bags that reached Verve store shelves and were just refreshed online on September 19 were really more than four years in the making.

Verve is one of the few businesses that has contributed to the development of the third-wave coffee industry’s “direct trade” movement. In this movement, roasters deal directly with production groups with the pretense of achieving better prices for the producers as well as better coffee for the roaster.

However, this new product signals the business’s first push into true farm-level manufacturing operations.

Following the first harvest of coffee trees that were planted four years ago and after Verve assisted in the distribution of over 60,000 seedlings of the Caturra Chiroso variety, the Farm-level Nursery initiative was launched. The business claims that the well-known heritage coffee variety from the area has produced high-quality coffee and shown tolerance to disease and climate change.

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